Stumbling Towards Ecstasy

Creativity dedicated to the Heart, Mind, and Soul

Lemon Jam Chapter 13

I wish that life was like it is in the movies
‘Cause the hero always gets his way
No matter how hard it gets on that dark lonely road
At the end he’s got a smile on his face.

This is real life
This is real love
This is real pain that much I’m sure of
These are real tears
These are real fears inside that I can’t hide
I wish that I could be your white knight in armor
With an army just to bring you back home.

Real Life, Bon Jovi

“Jules, three nights, two days! Why so much stuff?” Sam stood at the trunk of their rental car, unloading their bags. “I was thinking your passport and a bikini,” he looked her over, grinning lecherously, “or not.”  Jules was standing at the low wrought-iron gate that separated the driveway from the house, private pool, and beach below, staring out at the purest aqua blue she had ever seen.

“Sam, look,” she made an expansive gesture to the beach and inlet down from where their small cottage sat atop a rocky hill. “I’ve never seen anything that color before,” the breathless awe in her voice made everything about making this trip possible absolutely worthwhile.

He shrugged his bag off his shoulder, pulled her rolling one up beside it, and leaving them together walked to where Jules stood.  Sam wrapped her petite body in his larger one, resting his head on hers and watched the lazy surf drift over the almost white sand just below. Wisps of her clean scented hair, lifted by the soft breeze, tickled his cheek when he rubbed against her head.

“It’s beautiful, Jules,” Sam whispered into her hair.

Sam felt the soft curves of her tension-filled body starting to slowly release, relaxing against the warm lines of his hard body.

Things had been tense for a while with them. It was bad enough when their stalker was in their home and cars. When he started killing look-alikes, he got in their heads. Now it was like there were miles, even years, between them. This was three days away; three days away from Toronto, the team, their stalker, everything that was real about their life.

Jules walked into the king-sized bedroom as Sam was unpacking their bags into the closets and dressers. He knew if he left it to her, they’d be living out of suitcases for three days. His military background made him too compulsive to live that way.

“Wow, Sam. The kitchen seems like overkill for us. It’s got gourmet everything. I have no idea how the coffee maker works. Or for that matter the stove either. Unless you have crazy ninja special ops cooking skills I haven’t seen yet, we are way out of our league here for our usual fare of pasta, hamburgers and steaks. And we’ll be getting our coffee from a barista in town.”

“I’m sure we can manage some high-end kitchen stuff. Given our professional skill set, how hard can a coffee maker be?” he shrugged dismissively as he neatly folded her shorts and put them into a drawer.

“Look at you, folding our clothes, putting everything away. You are such a boy scout.”

“Always be prepared. That’s me,” Sam turned and lounged carelessly against the door frame of the closet.

She lifted three unopened packages of condoms from the bottom of his duffel. “Is being optimistic part of the boy scout code too? What is this? 60?”

She grinned mischievously as she tossed them to him, grabbing her shoes as she went.  “You and what army, soldier?”

“I think that falls under the ‘do a good turn daily’ motto,” he said as he followed her out the door to the pool. “I’m going to shoot for ‘hourly’ instead.”

When Jules stopped suddenly and wheeled around, Sam almost ran into her. Her hands trailed slowly up the rough cotton of his damp t-shirt, she felt his breath hitch as she took a step into him, their body heat mixing with the tropical heat of the island. His hands automatically went to her waist, thumbs resting on her hips, his large hands spread across her bottom, pulling her closer. Her fingers tickled the tiny hairs on the back of his neck as she leaned lightly against him; tilting her face towards his, her hands dragging his head closer to hers until their breath mingled and they knew the taste of the other just through their scent.

Close enough that only breath could pass between them, Jules whispered, “Thank you for being such an overachieving boy scout Sam. This is perfect.”

Sam leaned in to close the almost infinitesimal distance between them but caught only the drift of hair as she was already slipping away from him. “Jules! What the…?”

“Gonna go run on the beach,” she gave him a backhanded wave from several feet away, searching for the trail head that led to the beach from somewhere off the edge of the pool deck.


“It was a long flight.”

“You aren’t going alone.” Sam started to follow her along the pool walkway.

“That depends on how soon you can get your special ops ass in gear and join me.” She’d found the trail head that led from the pool deck and started down. “I’m gone already.”

“Fuck Jules!”

“I think hourly is your stated goal!”  He heard her yell as he whirled back into the house, stripping his shirt off while grabbing for the key. Her invitation was a passionate challenge and impossible to resist.

The narrow trail was lined with low lying bushes brushing close to the sandy path making a strict one-person pathway. Every scrape against one of the pink and orange flower-laden bushes filled the air with the scent of honey and ocean mist. The path was strewn with the occasional rock buried deep in the dirt that for someone less sure-footed would be a tripping hazard; for Jules it was a frantic tango with nature as she rushed headlong down the rough terrain outracing the much larger man barreling down behind her. She could hear twigs snapping and pebbles becoming dislodged.

The path widened as she burst onto an empty private beach. She laughed and seeking out the harder sand put on speed, putting distance between her and where the path emptied Sam onto the beach as well. She looked over her shoulder and watched as he paused to watch her run away, shaking his head and then started the chase. He was faster than she was, even in full gear, but they weren’t in any gear, or barely any clothing at all, and he’d given her the head start.  Running a few miles was looking good right now.

They raced along the crystal clear water, Sam letting Jules ‘escape’ his clutches time after time until he finally grabbed her around the waist, spinning around, he growled, “Mine, Jules Callaghan,” while she screamed and laughed as he pulled her to the sand.

The water nipped at their bodies and cooled the heated sand under them. Sam braced himself on his elbows over Jules’ body, pinning her under him with his larger body.  One of her bare legs brushed back and forth along his thigh, her hand along his back. The run left them barely winded, but laying on the sand, bodies pressed together, alone, finally safe, breathing became harder.

Sam loosened her hair from its ponytail letting it cascade around her face, wrapping tendrils around his thick fingers as he combed through it. His eyes stared into hers as he stroked a wisp of curl along Jules cheek to her lips.

“You are so beautiful, Jules.”

She brought her hand to his face, caressing the soft day-beard he had from yesterday. “Thank you for bringing me here.”

He grinned as he leaned in, pressing his full body weight into her. “I’m going to get my kiss this time.”

“Hmmm, by might or right it would appear, solider,” she murmured as she pulled his head towards hers.

“Stop talking already.”

“Make me,” she challenged, breathlessly.

A deep rumble came from deep in Sam’s chest, his hand quickly trapping her arms above her head. His head dipped low, teeth nipping at her lower lip before pulling back quickly. He watched her tongue flick out to soothe the tiny bite. She slowly withdrew her tongue; he followed chasing after, his lips softly against hers.

That first whisper of a kiss sent a shock through their sensitized, heated bodies. Jules gasped, her eyes snapped open, as her body flushed instantly in awareness, even as the warm Caribbean water embraced them. It had been weeks since their lips had met with real meaning behind them. Their recent kisses were more out of habit, of fear, out of normalcy rather than of passion or need.

Sam brought his head back, eyes blue flames of passion, hips tilting into hers, his own body responding intensely to the barely-there kiss. He had missed this, the closeness, the connection. He felt the distance that had been keeping them apart melt only to be carried off with the warm water they were being bathed in.

Jules’ eyes never left his, her teeth tugged at her lower lip, her legs wrapped around his. She could feel the heat of his body course down the entire length of hers. He still held her arms captured in his hand. He was heavy on her, but he still held most of his weight. She could feel him hard and full between them, hot between her legs. Lifting her hips slightly, she ground against him watching his eyes burst into blue gas lights of flame. Jules struggled to release her arms but he only held her down tighter, his hips leveraging his weight against hers now too.

“Let me go.”

“Kiss first.”

Jules slowly moved her body in one slow wave from her knees through her thighs wrapped around his, her hips crushed against him where his hard cock was cradled between her legs and moved it with her, then the roll moved through her stomach and ended in her chest where her breasts pushed against his hard bare chest. The tormented groan this elicited was a heady invitation.

Sam felt every muscle contortion as she moved like a snake under him. A dangerous snake he currently held captive, but he knew that was just a façade she allowed him. Her tongue danced out to wet her lower lip slowly and he felt the familiar rising and falling wave of her body begin to move through his body again. His hands gripped her arms harder, leaned in close as her chest rose to meet his.

Sam’s mouth teased hers, touching and then pulling back when Jules would rise to meet his lips.  They bobbed and weaved heads, two cobras competing for dominance, lips, open mouths almost meeting…then not quite, ocean water pounding all around them as if Neptune himself was becoming frustrated with the incessant teasing. Sam’s own impatience with this game grew to explosive proportions.

Sam’s free hand grabbed Jules’ head, crushing her to him, his mouth covered her hungrily, his lips hard and searching. Lips pressed, teeth gnashing, tongues dueling, Sam let go of her arms and they began to roll in the surf, bodies intertwined, hands clawing at clothing and backs.

Jules came up for breath straddling Sam, her hands on either side of his head, resting in the wet sand. Panting, her bikini top tossed away earlier, their heat connected as she ground her hips in a circle, eliciting a groan from Sam. “Here? Like this?”

“I’m pretty sure I can’t walk,” he croaked. His hands roamed casually over her breasts bringing the rosy peaks to a pebble hardness.

She sighed as she slowly stroked her heat up his impressive length and back. “Must be uncomfortable.”

“Like having a third leg.”

Jules snorted. “I’ve never done it on a public beach before. In a foreign country. Think they’ll throw us in jail if we get caught?”

“It’s a private beach, and pretty sure we aren’t the first tourists who have had sex on the beach here. There’s a drink even named after it. Jules, I’m dying here,” he pleaded.

“No one ever died from NOT having sex…” she teased as she slowly rubbed against him again.  She leaned in and kissed him at his frustrated groan. “So, no hearts and flowers?”

“I’ll give you all the hearts and flowers you can stand later. Just fuck me now, please!”

Not needing anymore encouragement, and tired of the teasing she was mostly guilty of, Jules tugged his shorts down, releasing his swollen cock.  Not taking her eyes off of his, and moving by touch alone, her hand slid down his body, grasping him and quickly shoving her suit bottom away to seek her inner heat. Without pause she plunged her body down his shaft until she felt the familiar but quick gut punch that very first time he hits her cervix.

Sam snarled as her wet heat tightened around him. One hand gripped her ass, trying to help move them in their awkward fully dressed position in the surf. His other reached under her suit, finding her sweet spot, satisfied when he felt her clench around him again. His expert touch sent her to higher levels of ecstasy.

Jules’ pace quickened in response, but Sam was close and needed faster and harder. He rolled them over in the sand. Her ankles locked behind his back, hips meeting him thrust for thrust. Sam dipped his head to her bare breast, tasting the drying saltwater as he took her hardened nipple in his mouth. His thrusts pounded into her, deeper, dragging over her clit with every stroke. He heard her cries building, felt her clench around him. One more deep thrust and they both cried out their release, muffled by the metronome of the surrounding surf.

He collapsed on top of her, head on her chest, a tangle of limbs and clothing, exhaustion over taking him. “Do you think we’ll drown if we fall asleep here?”

“Not sure I care right now,” she sighed, running her fingers through his short hair, arm thrown over her eyes.

“It would be pretty ignoble to be found quite this way, though huh?”

Jules snickered. “Ignoble? Big word, soldier.”

“Big word calendar. Been waiting to use it. I figure this qualifies.”

Jules burst out laughing. “What? The St. Thomas authorities having to tell Sarge that we were found drowned, flagrante delicto, on a private beach just after getting here? Yeah, I’d say that would be an ‘ignoble’ end.”

“I can already hear Spike’s jokes, or worse Steve’s, in my head,” he sighed as he rolled off of her, adjusting himself as he went. In one smooth move he was on his feet holding his hand out to her, “Come on, we gotta find your top. I hope it hasn’t gotten washed away.”

“Sam!” Jules was up on her feet quickly, immediately searching the ground looking for the black scrap of material.  He was already walking towards it a few feet away on the mostly dry part of the sand where he’d tossed it earlier. At least he’d had the presence of mind to do that much.

When he brought it back to her, she punched him in the arm. “You knew where it was all the time!”

“Hey, it got you moving,” he sighed as he greedily fondled her breasts.

“Stop it,” she said as she batted his hands away while she fastened her top. “We need to find a market. I need some food.”

“Let’s eat out tonight. Maybe hit a club.”

She looked at him, eyebrow cocked in surprise. “Really?” It had been a while since they’d been out.

“A little food, a little local drink, some dirty dancing…” he brought her body around to his, already responding to his own suggestion.

She felt his growing hardness against her stomach. “Well then, let’s get this party started.”


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