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Paradise Within:Happier Far

Warning! This story contains explicit adult content. Do not read further if you are not over the age of 18.

E/S A/U story following their love and destiny from today back into a past neither understands but consumes them both. Passionate and historical as well. M rating for language and obscure and less than obscure sexual encounters.
True Blood – Rated: M – English – Romance/Fantasy – Chapters: 26 – Words: 80,321 – Reviews: 251 – Updated: 11-16-09 – Published: 4-21-09 – Eric N. & Sookie S. – Complete

Beginning of first chapter:

Title: Paradise Within Happier Far Book One
Category: TV Shows » True Blood
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Published: 04-21-09, Updated: 11-16-09
Chapters: 26, Words: 80,321

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A/N: I had many requests to do another E/S story so here it is. It’s not a follow-on to ‘Loving You Forever’ because that one is complete as is (unless I suddenly become otherwise inspired). But this A/U idea caught my fancy and I hope it catches yours. As before, I have seen all True Blood episodes to date, and read several of the books, and a lot of fanfiction. I’m not sure what is true to the books or from someone’s creative mind, so if I have inadvertently borrowed something that is not faithful to the books but serves my purposes for this story, thank you. Characters belong to Charlaine Harris, and I am taking them out to play in my A/U sandbox, especially Eric. As this is an A/U story, all things will not be faithful to anything but my creative muse. Songs or poems at the beginning do serve the purpose of giving you a head’s up to the chapter, and lines might even be used in the chapter. I dare you to try to find them…it’s not too hard I promise. Sort of a word version of ‘Where’s Waldo?’

Chapter 1

It’s a case I guess of paradise lost
Ten years back on the hands of the clock
In that little house on Mansfield
On your old block
Sometimes the magic of the past is all we’ve got.

Just you and me at a crossroads then
Ain’t it funny how we were old friends
Accidentally thrown together
Did we intend
To be the romantic novel you never want to end?

And it’s the contact of the eye that meets across a crowded room
And how I kind of wound up the lyrics to your tune
You said, ‘Funny but it feels like I’ve known you all my life
And how it might feel to kiss you on the mouth tonight’

Elton John, Bernie Taupin (lyrics), Mansfield

Merlotte’s was hopping on this Thursday night, not terribly unusual for the only bar for miles the night before the weekend started. Most customers would be there regularly throughout the weekend. It was the sort of place where everyone came around to pass the time, drink the beer, gossip, and do some dancing for those so inclined. It was almost the same every night and Sookie Stackhouse, born and raised in Bon Temps, yearned for something different, anything different at this point.

Sookie was generally considered crazy around town, but was well-liked anyway. She was a telepath. Most people knew that, but weren’t smart enough to really know what that meant. She knew more about everyone than anyone one person should know, even when she tried not to know anything. For example, except for her boss and friend Sam Merlotte, there weren’t too many smart people around her. She didn’t even consider herself very smart, but hopefully she was smarter than those who surrounded her. Catching the bits and pieces of other people’s minds when they slid through her shields, she knew for the most part they just were self-absorbed, boring people whose only aspiration in life was to have a roof over their heads, money for beer at the end of the week, and hopefully score some sex. Not a whole intelligent brain between them. Sometimes she would giggle as she thought about the line in ‘Young Frankenstein’—”Abby something…Abby Normal…” She sometimes included herself in the less-than-Mensa-mentality that surrounded her as well. She finished high school, but there was no money for college, so she waitressed. She made decent money most nights, but not enough to fix up the family homestead, driveway, car, or even buy clothes that for the most part weren’t from Walmart.

But she did read to take herself away from the unenlightened world she lived in today. Sometimes she read those trashy romance novels where the alpha male eventually conquers the strong female character taking care of her every need and they live happily ever after. She was a virgin, but she learned A LOT from those books. They were total fantasy, but for a girl who had nothing, only a very few friends, and a brother whose sexual prowess was legendary even if he didn’t have two brain waves to rub together, sometimes fantasy was what she needed. But she also wanted to better herself so she tried to read the classics. Some of those classics were tough going, but once she found the groove of the sometimes difficult language she followed them pretty well. Shakespeare, Canterbury Tales, even Beowulf she could follow once she started to get into the strange, seemingly archaic language (at least to her). And she found she liked some of the other classics from her list from the library. The best part she thought was that she developed her own opinions of the stories and poems she read. Sookie found Romeo and Juliet trite. She found herself sobbing in empathy for the monster at the end of Shelley’s Frankenstein, and even at the end of Stoker’s Dracula, not so much a story of evil then one of love. As she thought about the lack of intelligence in the community she grew up in, she was reminded of Paradise Lost and the downfall of the devil by his own pride. Her own pride might be her downfall. Or what about the Screwtape Letters where the ‘nice’ friend led the poor, religious man straight to hell by causing doubt. These were stories she could identify with. Nietzsche she found impossible, but was pleased when she learned that people far more intelligent than she found him impossible to follow as well. She enjoyed Animal Farm and put her own names of people from Bon Temps to the animal characters, which made her laugh hysterically at some points.

But tonight was not a night for reading, or even reminiscing about reading. Her tables were full and busy and she would work late into the night, collapsing into bed exhausted and sweaty from the sweltering summer heat. She was taking Andy Bellfleur’s order…always a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke…when the screen door slammed closed and the bar slowly went quiet. She turned away from Andy and his jumbled sexual thoughts about her and his food to look at who had just walked in.

Strangers. One well over 6 feet tall, blond shoulder length hair, black eyes, and as their eyes met across the crowded silent room, his charisma made her want to float into his arms. She gripped Andy Bellfleur’s table hard just in case she did just that. She felt like she had known him forever, and wanted nothing more than to have him lift her into his arms and kiss her like never before. Through her dizzying déjà vu sensation, she noticed he wore a black tank top, sometimes called a ‘wife beater,’ a term she hated but was commonly used around Bon Temps, and black jeans. She tried to read him and sucked in a little surprised breath when she couldn’t, and turned to his companions. A beautiful woman with a hard, cruel mouth accompanied him dressed immaculately in slacks and a two piece pink sweater top with those little pearl buttons making her seem like the upscale soccer mom she surely wasn’t. The third man was Asian. He had a body guard build and a deceptively friendly smile on his face. Sookie immediately thought of him as Wormwood in the Screwtape Letters leading anyone falling for that smile straight to hell.

The man in the black tank top gave her a little smile as if he had read her mind and tipped his head to her. Then the threesome headed straight for a table in her section. Damn. These were Merlotte’s, hell Bon Temps’, first vampires, and they had to sit in her section. Well, at least things weren’t boring anymore. She pasted her happiest smile over her nervousness and walked to their table.

“Welcome to Merlotte’s. My name is Sookie. What can I get for you?” Sookie invisibly rolled her eyes in her head. What an inane comment… What can I get for you? Blood…duh.

The beautiful woman, even more beautiful up close, laughed a sultry laugh, and smiled, actually leering at her. “Sweetie, do you come on the menu?”

The blond man, who hadn’t taken his eyes off of her since walking in the door, simply said “Pam,” in a low, slightly threatening voice. “I’m sure that is hardly an original comment Sookie has not heard before. Be polite. Do you have that True Blood? It of course would not be our first choice, but as we are here sampling our competition we will just stick to the bottled stuff.”

Sookie could not stop looking at the blond man with the black eyes, she knew him and yet of course she didn’t. It was an odd mixture of cognizance dissonance. She kept her happy smile on even as her brain was overloaded with confusion. “We have True Blood. Is there a particular, uh, flavor you would prefer? And Merlotte’s is a local kind of place…hardly competition to Fangtasia, Mr….”

The blond man was charming indeed, and she could feel his power completely directed at her, trying to seduce her just by his look. As she didn’t fall for what she eventually found out was called ‘glamour’ his power continued to increase around her beating at her like thousands of butterflies, soft but difficult to ignore and almost suffocating her. She was sure the butterflies could turn to something more painful or difficult to ignore as she shielded even stronger.

“So, you have heard of our little capitalistic venture in Shreveport,” he sounded pleased. “My name is Eric Northman, Sookie. These are my companions Pam and Chao. We will all take A positive ‘flavor’ as you so delicately called it.”

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  1. Ola, Cavalierqueen… Soy yo otra vez, me he estado leyendo tus historias y… WOOOOW!!! que guay, en serio… Bueno… Espero q pronto subas El liebro 2 de Paradise Withing happier far…
    Alimenta a esa maravillosa musa tuya… 😀

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