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I Would Do Anything For Love

This is a fluffy one chapter PWP with Eliot and an original female character. 

Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content. You must be 18 years or older to read. 

The beginning: 

Category: TV Shows » Leverage
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/General
Published: 09-15-09, Updated: 09-15-09
Chapters: 1, Words: 4,866 

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 

A/N: In recognition of the end of the season, a fluffy piece of Elliott/OFC that has no plot, no caper, strictly PWP. It is relatively short and just a piece that invaded my mind, and now I gift it to your mind. Hopefully you will enjoy. If PWP is not your thing, don’t read. If it is, especially if you are a fan of Elliott, enjoy yourself. Finished As Is. I know, my bad. Leave the end to your own imagination. I know how frustrating that can be…I’m still fantasizing about the end of Hitman. Terry Olyphant is hot, and they just left us hanging there. Their bad. 

  “What?” the tiny woman walked into the meeting room a half an hour late. Her attitude about being late and looked at with slight scorn from Nate was heard in her voice, a little more than snarky and with little regard for his irritation. She was dressed in black dojo crossover top and loose black pants. She had taken her shoes off at the door and grabbed some water before walking into the group room. Clearly, they had started without her. And she didn’t seem to care. Nate started to say something to vent his irritation, but she cut him off. 

“Nate, you know I always have dojo at this time, and ride my bike in, unless we are on a job. That is the deal. Live with it. We do have lives outside of this room.” The girl took a seat alone while she pulled her long black hair out of its scrunchy and let it tumble down behind her. She had perfect alabaster skin and ebony black hair that fell in ringlets or waves depending on how much time she wanted to spend on it. 

Nate started to respond to her careless remark until he looked around the room and saw all the eyes either laughing at him or smirking. He knew she could walk all over him if she wanted to and he didn’t really mind. This woman added something to their team and he was happy she had chosen to join them, even if she a complete challenge and lived by her own code. She was completely dedicated to the team when they were on a job, and had quickly become everyone’s confidant. She was an expert in many topics and could speak several languages fluently. She was also an expert marksman and a black belt in many martial arts. She made a good back-up to Elliott. She’d been around the world and was no innocent. She learned fast and could play a man like a violin when she chose too. 

The meeting continued for about an hour with Nate painting the big picture and Hardison explaining the details. Everyone else remained quiet while absorbing the information. Elliot and Parker made occasional comments but the raven haired woman stayed silent, listening and gathering all the information. 

Soon the nitty gritty details arose, with Sophie suggesting that Elliot and the woman move into a house in the neighborhood where the target was. 

The woman looked at Elliot and then turned back to Sophie and Nate, “You must be kidding…” 

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