Stumbling Towards Ecstasy

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White Queen to Black Night Chapter 03

Chapter 3

Needing- unheard

Pleading-one word

So sad her eyes

She cannot see

How did thee fare, what have thee seen

The mother of the willow green

I call her name

And ‘neath the window have I stayed

I loved the footsteps that she made

And when she came

White queen how my heart did ache

And dry my lips no words can make

But still I wait

White Queen, Queen

Alina arrived at the Wayne Mansion in her red Lamborghini. She was dressed in her battle clothes, black yoga pants and black sleeveless yoga top perfect for any of the activities that had been planned for the day. She had boots, slippers, and fencing boots in her bag along with her own personal supply of guns and knives. Her hair was braided down her back. She was looking forward to the challenge the day would no doubt provide.

Yesterday after they left the Commissioner’s office Bruce drove her to the mansion and they walked around the perimeter. He had designed it to be his own park. Most of the ones in Gotham had been destroyed or taken over by the gangs. Occasionally their hands would touch or he would put his hand behind her back. The tension between the two of them had developed to a pretty strong simmer. After the initial heat from yesterday, things just might get positively steamy.

She pulled her bag from the car and headed for the door where Bruce met her. He smiled at her with almost a predatory gleam in his eye. She laughed at him. “Let’s play baby,” and shoved her bag into his hands.

“Follow me, beautiful.” He took her to an elevator that took them down two levels, surprising her. When they stepped out there was exactly what he had promised her, a huge room with a dojo, shooting range, and a knife area.

“Wow! This is impressive. Where do you want to start?”

“Let’s start with guns, go to knives and ninja stars, and finish on the dojo mats.”

Alina smirked at him. “And finish on the dojo mats. Ok. Let’s play.”

“You are just one big distraction, Alina.”

Her voice was deep and seductive and made him hard instantly, just as she intended. “Of course I am. It’s a strategy baby. I won’t win every time, because I think you get a lot more of a workout then I do. But I just have to prove that I can beat the Joker or Harvey Dent, not Batman.” She looked at him knowingly.

“Well, then I guess it is a good thing that you are just fighting me and not Batman.”

“I suppose so. Let the games begin, baby.”

She unpacked her guns, including her special sniper rifle. “What is that?” Bruce asked as she put it together.

“Can you stretch your little shooting range for a mile?”

“You can shoot that from a mile away?”

“I’ve shot more than that when I needed to. So can you spread this thing out for a mile?”

“Yeah, but let’s start with handguns, and work our way up.” The sexual tension between the two of them was almost to the point of cutting it. Bruce had on sweats and a t-shirt he was sure to remove when things got hot. But Alina could still see his arousal from their little word play and tension that filled the room.

They took guns, 9mm, locked and loaded them and set up to fire.

“Line is hot!” They put their ear protective gear on and starting to fire. Both of them hit their targets either through the initial hole or immediately around it. Very nice. They changed firearms, and moved the targets back further. Same results. The targets got further and further out and their aim remained the same. Finally it came time for the sniper rifle she had brought. Bruce put a metal target up with a head shape painted on it.

“Can you give me wind?”

“No, you will just have to make the shot straight.”

“Oh well. I’ll do what I can. It seems too easy. Line is hot!” She fired and hit the head target directly center forehead. Bruce rolled the target up towards them, looking at the hit she had made. He looked at her surprised.

“You have done this before, but on real targets.”

“Does that disgust you Bruce? Frighten you? Make you turned on?” She was using that voice again, the one he couldn’t resist, the one that makes him hard every time.

“Just because you kill, I don’t believe you to be evil. I don’t think you have killed indiscriminately, nor would you. So, to the conversation we’ve been having all along, whoever you killed, if any one, then I’m sure they deserved it. And since you have likely killed, I would consider you to be much more courageous then me since I am reluctant to kill in all cases.”

She looked at him seriously, “I believe, even if you want to continue to pretend, that you are one of the most courageous men anywhere.” She kept her eyes on Bruce. He didn’t even blink but also never broke her eye contact. She then smiled at him slightly, “Knives and stars?”

“Definitely.” They put the guns away and then moved on to the knives and ninja star area.

They both threw both knives and ninja stars of varying sizes and hit the targets every time, although Bruce was better at the aiming than Alina. She yielded to him on the knives and stars.

“Dojo?” he asked, his voice deep with emotion and arousal. It was all her scent, her abilities, feeling like he had met his soul mate. Now he was feeling very off center from his usually very serious, very centered persona.

“Some water first, then dojo. Martial arts or grappling?” Alina teased him slightly. The time was certainly approaching the point of put up or shut up.

“Let’s start with martial arts and end with grappling.”

“Of course. That makes perfect sense. Whenever you are ready, Bruce. And Bruce, don’t hold back. If we both don’t end up with bruises, we didn’t play hard enough.” He swallowed hard and cleared his throat before nodding his head in agreement.

They took their positions and started the fighting. They flipped each other, kicked, charged, twisted arms, until finally she ended it with a kick to the groin and her boot on his throat, completely incapacitating Bruce. “So, Bruce, do you think I can handle myself enough to take pictures of the Joker and Harvey Dent? Or do you need more examples of my capabilities?”

She removed her boot from his throat and lay down beside him, smiling.

“Oh my lovely Alina, I think I will definitely need more examples of your capabilities.” He flipped her onto her back and pulled his shirtless body over hers, holding himself up by his very strong arms. He went down on his elbows, placing his body directly over hers, his face directly over hers. “Can I kiss you?”

“I think if you don’t I’ll have to kick your ass, again.” She ran her hands down his sweat covered back reaching for his ass, stroking it gently. “And it is such a nice ass, Bruce.”

He moaned slightly and then gently brought his lips to hers, tasting the sweetness of her lips and the saltiness of her sweat. He placed more pressure on her lips forcing her to open to him, his tongue invading her mouth, both of them dueling for control and then just sliding into the erotic sensation of their bodies pressed together, their tongues sliding and sucking on each other, their heated centers melting together. He slowly pulled his mouth away from hers but did not move their bodies.

She smiled softly at him, running her hands through his sweaty hair and down his sweaty back. “You know Bruce, I can beat the Joker and Harvey Dent. But I wouldn’t have been able to beat Batman.”

He rolled off of her and lay breathing hard next to her, his very large erection obvious. “What makes you so sure? You beat me. Why not Batman?”

“Seriously Bruce?” She turned on her side, her elbow holding up her face, her body pressed against him.


“Batman wears a very large cup to encompass his…” she reached over to stroke his gigantic staff that needed some serious attention and he groaned again, “large gifts. And Batman wears a hood and neck thing that would have made my boot irrelevant. You don’t have to tell me, ever if you don’t want to. But I know and I would never give up your secret.”

She rolled her body on top of his, aligning their painfully heated centers, bringing her lips to his and setting fire to what had been smoldering between them. Bruce pulled her wet top off and over her head, and took her braid, pulling the tie at the end off and quickly unbraiding it so he could bury his sweaty hands in the thick hair he loved so much. It even smelled of the flowers she shampooed her hair with.

After that he flipped her over again, her hair spreading behind her. He yanked off her boots and her black pants that followed. He realized she hadn’t worn any underwear or sports bras underneath her clothes. She lay in front of him, auburn red hair spread behind her like some kind of angel and her tanned and naked body there for the taking. She sat up, sitting face to face, looking into his eyes.

“You aren’t sure, are you? Your body obviously wants to take me, even ravage me, but your mind is afraid. I know too much. I can read your thoughts. Bruce, I can seduce you, my body is already presenting itself to you. It is wet and swollen and crying out for you. But until you are sure, I will wait. I am not going anywhere.” Alina moved from him and gathered her clothes, redressing herself in the sweaty garments she had come in. Bruce just watched her, not knowing what to say, not knowing what to do. He just knew he wanted her more than maybe he had wanted anyone, even Rachel. But was it too soon to already be in love? This was a girl, now a woman, a more than capable woman to join his world, that he had known his whole life.

While Bruce had been contemplating his feelings for Alina, she had been casually gathering up her guns, knives, and other items packing them in the bag she had brought. When she had finished, she walked over to where Bruce sat in such confusion. She sat in front of him easily. She stroked his face and smoothed out the lines caused by his confusion. “You’re not ready baby, not here (she touched his heart) and not here (she touched his head). I’m already there, but you have to catch up. So, we see each other when you want, we can talk and debate all those things you struggle with as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. And the next time you get my clothes off, you better be ready to follow through.” She smirked at him, leaned forward to kiss him and he pulled her to him to deepen the kiss.

“Can you stay? When you are here I feel different, better, things are clearer. You believe in me. I need that. I need someone other than Alfred to believe in me.”

“What are you asking me, Bruce? Do you want me to stay for the rest of the afternoon? For the night? For more? And what about my interviews and pictures? Are you going to give that a thumbs up?”

“Move in here. Get out of the hotel and move in here. You can have your own rooms, and then I can see you all the time. And you will be here when I go out at night, and you will be here when I get home. And when I get my heart and head synched up, we can make love the right way, not the sweaty, grappling way. And I will call Gordon and give him a thumbs up, but I want to be there.”


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