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White Queen to Black Knight Chapter 09

Chapter 9

She’s a killer queen

Gunpowder, gelatin

Dynamite with a laser beam

Guaranteed to blow your mind


Killer Queen, Queen

Bruce showered, taking his time, drawing things out for both of them. He brushed his teeth, but didn’t bother to shave. He knew it would leave razor burn on her face, her tender breasts, her sensitive inner thighs and he wanted to. He wanted to mark her in the most primitive way. He was surprised at how predatory he felt towards Alina. His need for her was primal and deep. He had no intention of letting her go, ever. He thought he might be happy for the first time in a long time. Alfred would enjoy saying I told you so.

He pulled on some navy blue sweats that hung loose and very low on his abdomen and wore no shirt or shoes. Bruce grabbed the ice bucket and water bottles and left his room to go to hers. He knocked briefly and entered, surprised that she didn’t turn to him but left her attention on the TV screen. He set the bucket and water on the dresser and walked up beside her, taking her beauty in before turning his attention to the television screen. The newscaster was talking over the pictures of the decimated Bank of Gotham. It had literally been bombed out like something one might see in the Gaza Strip.

Bruce looked at Alina with true regret in his eyes. She knew what he had to do. He kissed her gently, becoming more brutal as he shifted to become Batman. “Be careful. Come home to my bed when you get back. I love you.”

“It might be late.”

“I know. Just come back to me. Stay focused baby. No undivided attention.”

The man that left was already Batman and he went to dress and leave to see what he could do to help Commissioner Gordon.

Hours later, she felt the mattress move and rolled to meet her lover. He was freshly showered and clearly exhausted. He wore the same sweats he had on earlier and nothing else. He reached for her warmth, her strength, her body and was startled to find her naked. “You sleep naked?” his tired voice asked, pleased and surprised.

“When I can. Are you ok? Hurt?” The concern in her voice was steep.

He was running his hands slowly up and down her body, through her hair, just centering himself, grounding himself in the person he had found who could bring him back to humanity. “I’m not hurt. The costume is heavy and makes it tiring to wear for long periods of time. I need to talk about getting it lighter. While I so enjoy touching you, and love that you are naked, I think I will not be able to take advantage of it tonight.”

“I didn’t expect you to baby. That’s why I took off the silk satin gown and put it away. Let me hold you while you sleep. Tomorrow I face the Joker and we both need our sleep.”

“Thank you for being here. I love you. Don’t leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere Bruce. Go to sleep.” She felt his body completely relax against hers letting her know he was asleep. Sometime either Bruce or Alfred had alluded to Bruce’s inability to sleep. Or maybe it was something she had picked up inadvertently from their minds. He was asleep now and hopefully would stay that way until they had to get ready for the photo shoot. She concentrated on his breathing, relaxing into it, letting herself follow him into sleep.

At 8:00 am, Bruce was still sleeping in her arms although she had started to wake. There was a soft knock on the door to which she responded quietly, knowing it was Alfred. He came in, smiled at the sleeping Bruce Wayne in Alina’s bed. He knew Batman had gone out last night, but had returned to her instead of replaying the night in his head repeatedly or otherwise obsessing on the adventure. Bruce opened his eyes and lazily turned onto his back, smiling at the smirk on Alfred’s face.

“Breakfast Master Wayne, Lady Alina?”

Alina laughed outloud at the ‘Lady Alina.’ “Is that the feminine version of Master? I would have thought it to be Mistress. But that sounds a little to Bondage and S&M for my taste. Lady seems a bit of a stretch too, but I think you tease us Alfred. You are no more an English Butler in this family then I am a Queen.”

“Ah, perhaps so milady ‘All the world’s a stage…’ after all. What time will you be leaving sir? And will we be taking the Rolls, or are you going for more of a splash with say, the cherry red Lamborghini?”

Alina giggled as she enjoyed the orange juice and croissant. “‘…And all the men and women merely players.'”

Bruce looked at Alina and smirked, “Showoff. I am surrounded by literature majors. I think the Rolls today, Alfred. We will leave at 9:30, ok?”

“Yes, sir. We will be ready. That doesn’t leave much time for playing around you two. And you know Master Wayne, if you cracked a book now and again instead of cracking heads, perhaps you could keep up.”

Both Bruce and Alina laughed. “Don’t slam the door on your way out Alfred. And thank you for breakfast.”

Alfred tilted his head knowingly at Bruce and left the room. The couple finished their breakfast and reluctantly parted. Sex, despite Alfred’s innuendo, was not on the agenda for this morning. There was no time for a satisfactory first time and there was no way even a hint of sex could be smelled on Alina. It was too dangerous.

Two hours later the Rolls Royce, driven by Alfred, pulled into Arkham Asylum. There were no other cars in the visitor’s parking lot, and the whole place gave off an air of creepiness. It was perfect for photographing, which Alina started immediately knowing they did not have much time as they were expected. Alina and Bruce had argued the entire way about his entering the room if she was in danger or not. She was furious at the inference that she would need his help, and if he did come to her aid it would blow his cover for Batman. “Absolutely not. You will not do this, Bruce.”

“Even in those clothes, not a bit of makeup on, and your hair pulled completely back as to be unrecognizable, you are still too beautiful and it makes it too dangerous. I will come in if I think you need it.”

“You are in love with me, Bruce. Of course you find me beautiful in any circumstances. And maybe one or both of them will as well, even if it is just because I am a woman. But I am the better fighter.”

Bruce grunted in what was unclear as agreement or disagreement. “We will have a word. A password that if you think you are in over your head and need help, not someone to rescue you, but someone to come fight beside you, you can use. Agreed?” He was trying very hard to stay calm and use his best persuasive skills since she always seemed to best him there as well.

“Fine. The word is Gondomar. Do you know who Gondomar is?” She had on what he had begun to think of as her ‘teacher voice’ which meant she was about to fill in his obviously lacking Ivy League education. Apparently Switzerland and Oxford provided a much broader and deeper education.

“Of course not, but I’m sure you are going to tell me, my literature Queen.”

“It’s from A Game at Chess by Thomas Middleton. Gondomar is the Black Knight, the Ambassador from the Black King to the White House. It’s all allegorical. Gondomar had an embarrassing physical problem having to do with a pain in his ass. Sort of like you, Bruce.” Alfred snorted, while Alina just looked out the window, affecting disinterest.

“Alfred, don’t forget who pays you. And you Alina…” He had no idea what to say to her.

“Do I get paid Master Wayne? Hmm, that is news. I think I will take my payment out in Alina’s wit. It is so much more fun.”

“I am being ganged up on by the literary crowd. What the hell am I doing hanging out here? I’d do better at The Fight Club.”

“So would I. But, Rule #1, nobody talks about the Fight Club.” Alina’s voice flowed like silk all over him, effectively ending the argument and forcing him to endure yet another erection that would probably last for hours. He idly wondered if it could injure something having so many unfulfilled hard-ons in the course of a day.

Alina had caught that thought and warned him, “An erection lasting more than 4 hours, you should contact your doctor. It can permanently injure the penile tissues. I suppose if you weren’t such a pain in the ass so often, I could go down on you every few hours to relieve your discomfort.”

Bruce gasped and then choked at her response to reading his mind. “I am going to fuck you blind tonight. You torture me all day long. I am going to have you all night long.” He then took a very long drink of water.

Alina giggled, “Until Batman gets called out.”

I don’t care if the whole damn city burns to the ground, Batman stays home tonight.”

Alina just smiled at him teasingly and got out of the car since they had finally arrived at Arkham. She took some quick, but quite beautiful in a creepy sort of way pictures of the location. Bruce and Alina met Commissioner Gordon at the visitor’s desk. All three of them were searched, and Alina’s camera bag searched as well. Everything was fine except the strap she used to carry the camera which could be used against her. She acknowledged the possibility and knew she would be hampered having to carry the camera the whole time.

The first up was the Joker. He had been enthusiastic at having a famous photographer take his portrait for a national magazine. His ego was enormous, as she had found most criminals were. Commissioner Gordon told her of the agreement they had made, such as it was. He was moved into a room with a chair screwed to the floor, and a window that didn’t open. He was forbidden to touch Alina and was to listen to her instructions to get the best shots. She would also be talking with him the whole time, taping it in the viewing room, to collect comments for her little ‘blurb’ about him to go with the pictures. Commissioner Gordon would be in the viewing room and several guards would be outside the door. Alina nodded her head, gave Bruce a quick kiss, and entered the room.

Even though she had seen pictures before of the Joker, she was taken aback by the makeup and the way he had chosen to hide his scars. They looked at each other curiously at first, and then she saw the familiar heat in his eyes. He must be desperate to go for her dressed like this, unless combat boots and fatigues did it for him.

“My name is Alina Witter. You can call me Alina. What would you prefer me to call you?”

“You can call me anything you want, just call me.” He sang the words to the song to her and then answered her seriously. “Baby, you can call me The Joker.”

“Alright, Joker. But you may not call me Baby.” Her voice was soft but deadly if you listened for it. Joker was too caught up in his own private fantasies to have caught her voice change.

“Why don’t we start with the chair? Please sit in it as one might normally and then we will do some where you sit backwards in it.”

Alina actually found Joker to be quite cooperative. The bulge in his pants might prove to be a problem. She had no doubt that Bruce had noticed the Joker’s arousal and was furious about it. She also knew he would not take his eyes off the room.

“How did you get those scars you cover up with paint?”

He sat in the chair, deciding if, or even how to answer. “My father did it. Not to make me smile more as I sometimes tell people, but more likely because he simply wanted to ruin my face. I was once very good looking, my father jealous and probably mad, wanted to destroy that.”

Alina sensed his mind briefly and knew this was truth. “I’m sorry.”

As he turned in the chair with his legs spread around the back, a position men often take in chairs for some unknown reason, his erection was more pronounced. He spoke back to her very respectfully. “I suppose there isn’t much else to say but ‘I’m sorry’ is there? Would you take some photographs of me without my makeup on?”

“Can you tell me why?”

“I have two faces, just like Two-Faced Harvey Dent. I think you should see the other face.”

She had him in various positions around with window catching the light to frame his face differently.

“Are you a different persona, a different man, without your makeup?”

“Maybe I am even more dangerous because people are unsuspecting. Or maybe I am more normal because I look and feel more normal. Maybe you would find me more attractive if you could glimpse of my face before the scars.”

“Is that important to you? That you look and feel normal or that I find you attractive?”

“I am not sure. Surely you are a beautiful woman despite your attempt to be less than you are. I suppose someone thought it would make you safer. Instead it just intrigues me more. As for if it matters to me that you find me attractive, it would make sense as an alpha male to want you to find me attractive as I so obviously do you.” He motioned theatrically to his very apparent erection.

“We are done here, but I will come back after photographing Two-Face. Will you be ready to be regular guy Joker by then?”

“I suppose I will have to.”

She nodded at him and backed away towards the door, and with a knock on the door, the guard let her leave.


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