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You Can Leave Your Hat On, Baby

Raylan Givens never goes anywhere with his hat, which suits the new Marshal in the Kentucky office. She’d prefer he wear only his hat.

Warning: Adult content. You must be 18 years or older to enjoy!

Beginning of the first chapter:

Title: You Can Leave Your Hat On, Baby
Category: TV Shows » Justified
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Published: 04-03-10, Updated: 04-15-10
Chapters: 3, Words: 6,758

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A/N: Don’t own the show or the characters you recognize, every thing else is mine. And a nod to Joe Cocker’s ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On.’

You Can Leave Your Hat On, Baby

Art looked up to see me leaning against the door frame of his office, my t-shirt pinned down with my double-holster and my blue jean jacket slung casually over my shoulder. “Damn, Elena. I wasn’t expecting you for another day or two.” He rounded his desk and put out his big hand, swallowing my smaller one in his. “The tan looks good on you.”

“Thanks Art. Glad to be here finally.”

Art motioned for me to take a seat, “Wanna go for a drink and I’ll catch you up? Do you have a place to stay yet?”

“Yeah, I’m all squared on the place to stay. Thanks for leaving the car for me at the airport. That was real thoughtful of you.” I watched his back as he started looking at files and putting things in a bag. “It’s late Art, won’t your wife want you home by now?”

He waved dismissively still looking through his folder. “You know how it is, Elena…marry the man, or I guess in your case the woman, marry the service. By 20 years, she’s used to it. Of course you’re not married so I guess no one’s ever wanted to share.”

I laughed at his assumption, “Or maybe I just never wanted to share, Art.”

He turned to look at me then, nodded and laughed and turned back to whatever he was looking at. In the reflection of the Tombstone movie picture I saw another man approach, and lean against the door frame where I had been just moments before. He had on a cowboy hat and tucked both his hands in his jeans pockets. That must be Raylan Givens… I didn’t turn around to acknowledge him and I didn’t think Art even knew he was there yet.

“So Tahiti was it? How did that go? What’s it like?”

“Tahiti is great. Warm climate, hard-bodied boys wearing almost nothing, no phones or computers, pretty nice.”

A deep well worn voice came from behind me, “Sounds good to me…”

I smiled and turned around to face the man at the door, standing, “What sounds good, the climate or the hard-bodied boys?”

The man pushed his hat further up on his forehead and laughed, “Can’t say I’d be interested in the hard-bodied boys.”

I looked him up and down, obviously admiring his appearance. Yes, he was quite fine…deep set eyes, dark hair from the look of it, casually sexy, no doubt a sexual volcano when activated. The way he stood there in his tight jeans and his hands tucked into his pockets, letting his head hang slightly, definitely screamed for my attention. Well, he had it. And as my eyes raked him up and down, I saw his do the same. I tried to imagine what he saw… a smallish woman, long dark black hair, breasts larger than her small frame would really allow for but that was what God gave me and I hadn’t had any complaints. The holsters tucked under each shoulder loaded with guns would only emphasize that feature. I watched as his eyes traveled to my tiny waist where my white Jim Beam t-shirt tucked into my well-worn blue jeans. His eyes finished their scan and trolled back up my body to my face where he found a well-deserved smirk.

While we were not-very-subtly undressing each other, Art was making introductions. “Ah Raylan, good timing. Marshal Raylan Givens, this is Marshal Elena Gibbs. Elena, Raylan. Elena’s goin’ to be joinin’ our office.” We shook hands firmly, our eyes never leaving each others. I caught the same humorous glint in his eyes as I’m sure he could see in mine.

“Really? You’d leave Tahiti for here?”

“Sure. Don’t get me wrong, Tahiti is great for what it is, but after a while even I could get bored.”

“I thought it was paradise. Isn’t that where Bora Bora is? How could you get bored? What’s there to do?

“Yeah it’s paradise, but Bora Bora has become sort of a tourist trap. I spent the first week or so in Papeete. That is the main city. I like taking pictures when I travel to fun place so I have a lot of pictures of crumbling old churches and interesting people. After I had enough of the people I headed to a more remote island. I stayed in a little grass hut set off the beach surrounded by water. It didn’t even have a door. How different is that from our life here?”

The two men kept listening so I told them some more. “The smaller places, they have nice resorts…really nice resorts, and I dived in some of the caves and reefs around there. I even went to where they dive for pearls and did some of that. Did you know that some of those divers can hold their breath for five to seven minutes?” I paused to let that sink in and added, looking at Raylan and sounding a little like Mae West. “A handy skill to have, as I’m sure you can imagine.”

He coughed lightly and strained his neck around his collar. “I can imagine how, uh, useful that might be.”

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