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Sam Braddock

Sam Braddock

Flashpoint is a TV show about a SWAT-like team that uses psychological profiling into their dealings with terrorists, kidnappers, hostage takers, and other criminals. It is different from most television cop shows in that we see the emotions and the toll that the job takes on the team members and their families. You can watch Flashpoint on ION television or catch up on past seasons on Netflix streaming. Most of the stories found here are PG-13 with the exception of Lemon JAM which tells the story of Jules Callaghan and Sam Braddock and is explicit and should only be read by adults.

Story Links:

Lemon JAM


4 thoughts on “Flashpoint

  1. Courtney on said:

    When do you think you’ll be able to update Lemon Jam really good story. Keep it flowing;)

    • I’ve kinda lost my groove on Flashpoint. I’ve been focusing on writing my novel and keeping real life flowing in a semi-orderly fashion.
      We’ll see if things pick up at some point.

  2. I have finally found your writing again. I was reading on and was disappointed when the updates stopped. Is Lemon Jam on here? I am trying to find it, I want to know what has happened since the last update posted on Please let me know! Keep up the amazing writing!

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