Stumbling Towards Ecstasy

Creativity dedicated to the Heart, Mind, and Soul


The Leverage scheme-team always fascinates, at least the first season. Lately, their schemes leave alot to be desired. Sometimes it is like reading one of those terrible mystery stories where some important clues have been intentionally left out just so you couldn’t solve the puzzle. I hate that.

That said, I do find the character of Eliot interesting and I always seem to fall for that dark-haired bad boy type. So here are two stories that feature him in a starring role along with the rest of the team.

Warning: Stories contain explicit sexual content, language, torture and violence. You must be over the age of 18 to read.

More on each story on its separate page, as well as the beginning of the first chapter.

I Would Do Anything For Love A little PWP diddy featuring Eliot and an original female character.

Soul Meets Soul on Lover’s Lips A story of magic and sex cults.

Eliot and the Unknown Woman An NCIS/Leverage Cross Over. Sex, torture, evil


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