Stumbling Towards Ecstasy

Creativity dedicated to the Heart, Mind, and Soul

Lemon Jam Chapter 9

The way she walks

It’s like she’s ten feet tall
She’s got a vibe
She’s got the whole damn thing
Finger on the pulse
She’s got a mind
I’ve got a signal
You know I’m already there.

~Ten Feet Tall, Hugh Dillon

The Lion was not one of their usual haunts, more like a place they came every few months or so. It was more of a bar but less than a club, it offered not only beer and food, but also dancing and a live band that played a wide assortment of music from classical rock to some of the newer pop. But whatever they played, it was guaranteed to have the dance floor full of gyrating bodies.  Through the subtle track lighting, cigarette smoke haze hung in the air and the place smelled of beer and liquor, perfume and cologne, food and dancing bodies. The mood was one of sex and sin, wild and tempestuous, passionate.

Sam looked around at the large table where the Team sat. They had pulled several tables together in order to accommodate everyone. It wasn’t just the team that was there. Tonight, Sophie and Shelley were there, and even Spike had brought his sister Natalie. Even some of the members of Team 3 and Team 4 were there, Donna, Thomas, Eric and Steve. Winnie had even shown up. Sam wondered what the hell he was doing there on this particular night. It was the last night of their 6 day shift and as far as he was concerned he and Jules had other plans that definitely did not include anyone else at this table.

But even Jules wasn’t here. She told him she had an errand to run and she’d meet him there. Errand? Seriously? Tonight? What the fuck was she thinking? As soon as it became clear their day, their shift, was going to end on a high note, the team began talking about celebrating. And the Lion became the obvious choice. And she was as excited about it as everyone else, except him. When he had cornered her on the way out of the dressing room, she just yanked his chain again.

“Jules. I thought we had plans for tonight,” Sam started.

She put the flat of her hand on his chest, rubbing the edge of her nail across the tip of his nipple, feeling it rise. She moved into him, her upper hip rubbing against his now suddenly rigid cock.

In a throaty voice, she whispered, “Oh, Samtastic, we do, we definitely do. I’ll meet you there.”

And just like that the warmth of her body moved from his heated one, smiling sweetly. She had just intentionally given him yet another impossibly huge erection, filling his already tight jeans, winked, and walked away leaving him leaning against the outer wall of the dressing room, a groan on his lips. Whatever the little witch had planned for tonight, it was time for her to wear that chain she so dearly loved to yank on him. She’d toyed with him for far too long.

Sam sat where he could watch the door and the dancers, waiting less than patiently for Jules, but wearing his sniper cool persona. He could wait hours for that single second of adrenaline. He could wait out Jules’ grand appearance without giving anything away to her or his teammates. He was curious about Spike and Natalie. She called him Michelangelo, which Sam still found strange when he heard it. He was always like “who?” But since they met that day at the Barn, after talking it over with Sam, Spike finally worked up the nerve to ask her out, and now they’d been out several times. He watched as Natalie swayed her body against Spike as they danced slowly to what was actually not a very slow song. His eyes narrowed a little as he watched. It didn’t escape Ed’s notice.

“You okay with them?” Ed asked, nodding his head towards the couple on the dance floor.

“Who? Spike and Nat?” Sam shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s who you seem to be paying attention to at the moment.”

“I know my sister Ed. I just don’t want Spike to get hurt.”

“He’s a big boy, he’ll manage.”

Sam shrugged noncommittally. He’d already had this conversation with Spike. And Ed was right, he was a big boy. If Spike could dismantle bombs with a clear head and steady hand, surely he could handle his impulsive and willful sister. Sam turned back to watch the rest of the table. Donna was there. He hadn’t liked her when she first joined the team, but that was just because she wasn’t Jules. She was TL for Team 3 and she was terrific in that job. And she had her hands full. Both Steve and Eric were on that team, and while they were excellent at their jobs, there were personal issues that kept her on her toes trying to keep them in line. And of course, there was still Ed and the Sarge’s ultimatum for Steve to apologize in so many ways to Jules and Sam for his disrespect previously…had it only been a week ago? It seemed so much longer.

Sam caught movement at the door and his eyes shifted from the table full of his friends and mates to Jules. His breath caught as she began to cut a swath through the crowd towards their table. She was so beautiful. Her shiny hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders and down her back. Despite the hazy room, her skin glowed as if lit by moonlight from within and her already dark eyes seemed even darker. He watched as people just moved aside for her…she walked like she owned the room…and in that moment, she certainly owned him. He was glad he was sitting, the table hiding most of his body. He shifted in his seat, trying to find a more comfortable position as his cock pressed against the metal zipper of his jeans. He could smell her perfume from where he sat and she was still yards from him. As she walked towards him, she smiled, a smile that others might have thought was for them, but he knew better.

“Hey soldier,” she greeted with a whisper against his ear, while he helped her with her denim jacket. She nodded hello’s to others at the table while she settled in giving Sam a chance to take in her short denim skirt and layered white and denim blue camisole. The skirt hung low and was caught there with a wide belt that emphasized her hips and made her waist look tiny.

Jules nodded towards the waitress waiting to take her order, “I’ll have whatever he’s having,” as she gestured towards Sam’s beer, picking it up to take a sip.

Sam leaned over, whispering in her ear, “That might be difficult since I’m having you.”

She swallowed hard, and turned towards him, “Good things come to those who wait,” and she took another sip of his beer to quench her suddenly dry mouth.

Sam smirked, “’Come’ being the operative word.”

Jules gasped and snorted her stolen drink of beer through her nose, choking slightly as Sam sat back and grinned. Payback was hell.

“You okay, Jules?” Parker’s voice cut through the din of music and voices. Even through the noise, the amused tone couldn’t be missed.

She finished brushing the beer spray off her face, and coughed once again, glaring at Sam. “Fine boss, just fine.”

Never taking her eyes of Sam, she called across the table, “Hey Eric, wanna dance?”

Eric was all muscle on his 6 ft. 4 in frame, only to be topped with the most delectable blonde hair and deep blue eyes most had ever seen. Women offered themselves to him like the Nordic god he looked like, but Jules had never seen him take any of them up on their suggestion. She liked Eric. Despite his breathtaking good looks, he was just a really nice guy.

“What?” Eric’s head snapped up from his beer when he heard Jules call his name.

“I wanna dance. Join me?” Eric looked from Sam to Jules and back, taking in Sam’s banked fury and Jules’ defiant stare.

He hadn’t missed the exchange over beer that had Jules snorting her beer, and guessed that had pissed her off. And he further surmised he was about to be pulled into their little pissing match. Eric liked Jules and he respected Sam. He wasn’t sure what game they were playing, or whether agreeing to her request would make things better or worse, but he’d play too.

Shrugging his shoulders, he took a sip of his beer and circled around the table to where Jules stood waiting for him, his eyes twinkling in amusement as he could almost hear a growl coming from Sam as he led her to the dance floor.

Sam’s narrowed eyes never left the newest couple to join the dancers. Here she was, yanking his chain, again. He watched the tall lithe man dancing with the petite woman who shared his bed. Sam grunted to himself…at least shared it in all but that one way that was supposed to happen tonight, was going to happen tonight. She strutted some daring stuff around the floor, teasing and playing with her partner, both Eric and Sam knowing she was really playing Sam. He took a deep calming breath, a mix of fury and hunger pounding in both his blood and his engorged cock. Jules skimmed her hands along her body, raising her hair above her head, seduction in every movement. He watched as her brown doe eyes laughed as Eric leaned over to murmur something in her ear. She was playing to an audience…an audience of one, even if there were voyeurs everywhere. He thought he might go insane before wild hunger that consumed him was finally quenched. Sam snorted as he reached for his beer and took a long draw from the glass, finishing the last and promptly pulling her almost untouched one to his mouth. He was pretty sure that where Jules was concerned there was nothing that would ever quench his thirst for her.

She was having fun, and not just because she was teasing him mercilessly, but because she loved to dance. Music pulsed through her veins, in the perfect pitch of her voice. It was the way she let go of the day to day horrors she saw. She found peace and comfort in music, and she found release as well. She became wild, sexy, and passionate as she felt the music careen through her senses. For her, music was sex. Sex was music.

Eric and Jules returned to the table, bending close to her, his hand on her shoulder, listening as she talked animatedly to him.  Sam just glared at them both, not even bothering to rein in his irritation.  Eric laughed good-naturedly and nodded to Sam as he gladly returned Jules to her seat next to Sam.

Jules took a sip from the beer and immediately joined in on the conversation that Sophie, Ed and Greg were having, as if the man she was sitting next to wasn’t about to go nuclear around them.

Jules leaned on the table, tucked in against his leg, talking to the guys. Sam was in predator mode now, he wanted her to be aware of just who she belonged to, who claimed her. He wanted to touch her, draw her attention back to him, and torture her like she had just done to him. Her skirt was so short and her skin looked soft, like cream. He gave a quirk of a smile when he felt her jump as his calloused thumb brushed along the back of her thigh, raising goose bumps along her whole body. Barely touching, he drew tiny circles across her sensitive skin until reaching just above her knee his caress lifted, only to pick back up, just slightly above where it had started originally.

What the hell? His hand was reaching under her skirt, touching her. She felt her channel instantly flood with liquid heat, her thighs immediately clinching. The stroke was nothing more than a feather touch but, oh God, that was enough.  Jules’ breath picked up and her eyes began to glitter, her laugh became a little louder trying to hide her arousal as Sam fondled her unbeknownst to everyone around them. It seemed so wicked.

Sam pulled Jules closer to him, allowing him more access to the tender skin he was touching. She moved with no resistance, settling against him, his hands, and her lower body completely hidden from view by the table and chairs surrounding them. He added his fingers to the caress and torment he was giving her, each curving path taken by his thumb along the back, his fingers lingering along the ultra-sensitive skin of her inner thigh. And every time the path reached its end, the trailhead started just slightly higher than the time before.

Jules began to squirm. She struggled to follow the conversations going on around her, the conversations Sam had never even been trying to keep up with. He had his arm casually wrapped around her waist, holding her in place. She felt her moisture gathering more thickly between her thighs even as she tried to crush his fingers between them. He had to stop this madness.

She looked over at her shoulder at him, eyes heated to a whiskey brown, trying to control her breathing. “Sam…” she breathed.

He stilled his hands, just barely inches from the little cleft where her thigh met her now saturated sex. She was dripping wet, and his fingers could attest to just how much. His grin was smug as he used the hand that had just been driving her insane to take a long pull from the beer in front of him. He set the drink down and then ran his fingers slowly across his lips, inhaling her scent, spreading her honey across his lips and licking his fingers while she watched.

Jules couldn’t take her eyes off of him, not even after the arrogant look on his face as he withdrew his hand, and she finding she didn’t care. He’d won this round. She watched, mesmerized as he slowly licked her juices off his fingers. Her breathing was rapid now. She felt her core sizzling, her clit twitching like crazy. A breath might be all it took and she’d come right there, right there in front of the entire team, plus some. This was so wrong.

She licked her lips and leaned towards Sam, smelling her scent on his lips as she got close. “We need to go now.”

Sam laughed softly. “And I thought the fun was just getting started.”

“Sam, please…” she cringed at the pleading in her voice.

“Let’s dance.”

Jules’ eyes closed, and she swallowed hard. Okay, he wanted to play this game, fine. She was Sierra on the dance floor. Sam didn’t stand a chance. He led her through the dancers further into the crowd, effectively hiding them from everyone they knew.

“Sam, that was so wrong…”

He grinned, as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to him. “That’s not what your body was saying.”

“And what is your body saying now?” She swayed against him as the music throbbed with sex. Her stomach brushed lightly across his spike hard erection and pulled away only to brush again, making it difficult to for him to breath.  Melissa Etheridge’s whiskey voice sang out about days and hours of fury, about laying your body beside me…

Jules’ voice starting singing over Etheridge’s “Am I your passion, your promise, your end? I say I am. Yes I am. Your passion your promise your end? Yes I am.”

Sam’s eyes blazed as her hands wrapped around his neck and her body pressed against his, rubbing and lightly brushing, touching and then moving away, asking and then promising…

There is nothing between you and I. And if I carelessly forgot to mention, your body your power can sanctify, Come feed your hunger your thirst Lay it down the beast will die You can question my heart once again.”

While she whispered words against his lips, her hands stroked his shoulders, his chest, running across his nipples, feeling them peak under the scratch of her nail.

One song blended into another, and Jules pinned him to the dance floor with her eyes.  The rasping voice of Jace Everett came on next singing one of the sexiest songs Jules had ever heard. As the deep bass came pounding through the air, Jules grinned as she pulled Sam close and began to undulate against his hard body,

When you came in the air went out and every shadow filled up with doubt’ feeling the throb of his erection pressed against her, hammering to the beat of the music. ‘I don’t know who you think you are but before the night is through I wanna do bad things with you’.

A hard male groan echoed around her, as she slid her body down his like a snake, wrapping around him and coming up again along his back, pressing her hardened nipples against the muscles that rippled with tension along his back. ‘I’m the kind to sit up in her room heart sick an’ eyes filled up with blue I don’t know what you’ve done to me’. Her hands stroked his stomach, reaching down and clutching at the iron rod that threatened to burst through the zipper of his jeans. Surprising her, he grabbed her hands and pulled her around to him as the song came to an end ‘But I know this much is true I wanna do bad things with you.’

His voice was little more than a growl, “We leave now, Jules.” His eyes showed a barely controlled passion. “I’ll fuck you right here on the dance floor. Don’t test me.”

Jules nodded silently, turning back to the table. He grabbed her arm, hard enough to leave a bruise until he realized it, and softened his grip just slightly. “I’m getting the car. Do you have enough cash to get our part of the tab?”

“Yeah. I got it.”

“Be at the front door. Don’t make me wait. As it is, we won’t make it to the house.” His voice held a dark promise that made her shiver and sent a flood of new wetness through her adding to the sticky cream already flowing down her legs.

“I’m already there.”

Sophie smirked as Jules rushed to the table, grabbed her jacket and tossed some random large bills on the table. “Leaving so soon, Jules? Where’s Sam?

Jules just rolled her eyes, “Getting the car. Is that enough?” She motioned to the pile of bills she left in the center of the table.

Ed grinned. “I think it’s plenty. It’s a hell of tip. I think he’s waiting,” tilting his head to the door.

“Yeah, bye.” She turned to walk away.

She heard Parker laugh and yell after her. “See you both at 7:00 sharp in 3 days, Jules!”

She just threw her hand up in acknowledgement and pushed her way through the crowd.

The tension in the car could be cut with the proverbial knife. She had never seen Sam like this before, a barely contained wildness that was terrifying and at the same time aroused her. He was a predator and she was most definitely his prey. The idea sent shivers down her spine. She felt her pussy clenching, wetness soaking through her denim skirt and without a doubt leaving a stain on the leather seats of the SUV. Her eyes kept moving from his face, a mask of masculine arousal and passion, and the straining cock enclosed in his jeans that it rose up so far it brushed against the steering wheel. Oh God, she was going to die, he would rip her apart. She was panting small tiny breaths, rubbing her pussy against the soaking wet thong, trying to bring some relief.

“Stop it!” His voice was guttural, rasping through the silence.

Jules immediately stopped moving, embarrassed he had caught her. “Sam, I’m so close,” she whispered.

“And what am I?” he snarled. “You started this. My patience was over a long, long time ago.” He pulled off the main road and onto what amounted to a trail meant for off-road vehicles. He slowed the truck down, and flipped on the outside overhead lamps lighting the trail.

“What the hell?”

“We aren’t going home.”


Sam just grunted.

They hadn’t gone far, when he pulled off and came to a stop. “Here. Now.”

Her heart started a staccato beat at his demand. She felt another rush of cream and her hips bucked involuntarily as her breath hitched. He opened his door and came around, yanking open hers, pulling her out, pressing her against the truck.

“You’re kidding.”

Crushing her body against the unforgiving steel of the truck door and the iron of his body, he bent his knees slightly forcing his hardened rod against her hot wet cleft, drawing a gasp from her lips. “Does it feel like I’m kidding, Jules?”

“Sweet Jesus, Sam…” she panted, gripping his neck, hanging on and she thrust her hips against him.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he ordered.

Her legs went instantly around his waist and she locked her ankles together, rubbing her pussy against the rough denim of his jeans. Just a little more. Her body ached to be touched. She was completely focused at that small nub of nerves that just needed that little bit more to send her careening over the edge.

His hands locked on her hips, holding her still, while his lips slammed own on hers, grinding against her, forcing her to open to him, a fever for her driving him, he’d been waiting too long, she’d teased him too long, tonight had gone on too long.

And she opened to him. Their tongues tangled, stroking each other, nipping the other, a storm of desire overcoming all their good intentions of how their first time would be. That time had passed. It was time for hard, fast, and furious sex. There would be nothing easy and loving about this. It would be all about taking and tasting, pleasure and pain, relieving the crazed hunger that threatened to consume them this night. There would be time for the rest later, later tonight, later this weekend, later…but not in this moment, not now.

Sam yanked her skirt up around her waist while he sat her bare cheeks on the warm front of the truck. Without breaking the kiss, he tore the soaking thong away and tossed it to the ground. A hand slid between her legs, seeking her warm juices. Surprised, he broke the kiss, “Jules?”

She leaned back on her elbows panting heavily and just raised her eyebrows. “You never asked, Sam.”

His breathing was rapid and his heart was pounding in his chest, blood pooling between his thighs, his cock screaming for release. He looked at her bare pussy, her shining wetness gleaming in the soft glow of the fog lights.

“May I?” his aroused rasp murmured across the soft music playing the background.

Jules grinned and snorted. “You’re asking now?”

He looked greedy and stunned. She giggled and whispered, “Scorpio.”

Sam let go of a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding and lowered his lips to the bare saturated lips that smoldered in front of him. He took a long slow lick along the inflamed slit, his tongue circling her clit and sucking it into his mouth, tugging on it gently and then with more pull. He felt Jules lift her hips off the truck, trying to push into his mouth and he brought his arm up across her hips holding her down.

He licked again, stopping at that little bundle of nerves drawing it into his mouth, loving the sound of her cries as he did it again and again. Her head began to thrash and she cried his name while her hips bucked against his mouth. His broad shoulders and arms kept her thighs spread wide and open to him. She screamed when his hot tongue entered her and he was met with another outpouring of her slick honey. She was so ready, but he wanted her crazy for him before he finally took her.

Jules thought she would die. He was killing her. Every brush of his rough, hot tongue against her sensitized pussy made her want to come off the steel she was laid across and yet his hard muscles held her in place. His thumbs held her folds open to his repeated invasion, his tongue alternatively sucking and devouring her clit and fucking her. It was driving her mad. And still he wasn’t letting her come. He just kept driving her closer and closer and then would pull back. It was close enough to touch, she could feel it wound like a spring, coiled just out of reach, waiting to cascade through her body, and he held the key, but held it back. Fuck…

Jules felt first one rough finger enter her and struggled for breath and then a second and cried out as she felt them begin to move slowly in unison. Sam’s face appeared just above hers, shining with her come, his eyes glowing with lust and need. He brought his open lips to hers, catching her gasps and cries in his mouth, his tongue raking over hers, drawing her breath into him as he added a third finger. Her strangled cry of surprise and pain caused him to stop and let her get used to him before he started to move within her again. Soon she responded to his kisses just as her hips met each of his thrusts. She felt a hand move to her camisoles and pull them up and she raised her head and lifted her arms while he dragged her tiny shirts over her head. She hardly noticed her the clothes coming off, her concentration was so centered on the three fingers stretching and plunging into her core driving the breath from her body, making her blood boil, perspiration coat her body.

Sam never stopped his assault on her pussy. But he wanted more. He brought his mouth to her exposed breast, sucking her beaded nipple into his hot mouth as she threw her head back trying to push more of her soft mound into his mouth. He nibbled and sucked, biting and licking all the while his fingers drove into her soaking wet channel. He moved to the other breast and took that one in his mouth biting and nipping at the pebbling nipple listening at her cries as they traveled into the silent woods.

Her arms grabbed him, forcing him to look at her, “Sam, please.” Her eyes could barely focus and her voice was uneven. Once again he brought his lips to her, this time placing barely a breath of a kiss on her lips as he stood, pulling his fingers from her, to be rewarded with an unsatisfied groan on her part. In one quick movement he slipped out of his boots and had his jeans off. He went commando so other than jeans there wasn’t anything else to have to deal with.

She gazed hungrily at the thick, heavy length of his erection, pre-cum leaking from the burgundy red mushroom cap, the long vein throbbing as his cock bobbed in the air. She leaned forward, her mouth watering, licking her lips, reaching out to touch him, wanting to taste.

He caught her hand before she reached him. “Not a chance Jules. Your mouth is deadly. I already know that. I’ll come in a heartbeat in that hot little mouth of yours. Tonight, I’ll come inside you. I’ll fill you so deep, so full you’ll leak my come for days.”

She could hardly breathe, so her voice came out as barely as a whisper, “Well then, better get started.”

He sat beside her the front of the car and pulled her onto his lap facing him. “Jesus, Jules….”

She placed her legs on either side of his and while never taking her eyes off of his, she lowered herself onto his cock, spreading her labia, her abundance of moisture making his passage easy. Once he was just inside, he started to push, but her hands stopped him and held him still, her eyes still holding him.

“Let me.”

“I’m not going to have much control, Jules.” She could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes. His control was as shaky as hers was, but right now, she had just a little more than he did.

“I know. Just a little slow, just at first.”

Sam gritted his teeth as he felt his cock slide through her drenched channel, feeling the rings and crevices, the twitching muscles as her body adjusted to his width. His three fingers had stretched her to help prepare her, but he was a lot to accommodate even after his prep. He watched her eyes grow glassy and lids droop as her hips started to thrust, rising to the tip of his stalk and then impaling herself completely, rising and impaling, slowly, over and over. Her head fell back and her mouth fell slack as she rode him. He felt his balls start to boil and his cock twitch dangerously. He wasn’t going to be able to hold out any longer.

He took hold of her hips and started to move her faster. In response she moved her hands to his shoulders and captured his eyes, turning the pace over to him, turning control over to him, letting him have what he wanted however he wanted. And still it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t hard enough. Fast, so fast she didn’t realize what was happening he flipped her under him with her legs wrapped around his waist and he was hammering into her throbbing pussy. She cried out as she felt his thrusts throughout her body, screaming when she felt his thumb press against her swollen clit, squeezing and rubbing. She came immediately, screaming again, fracturing for him, thrusting for more, her channel tightening around him.

He felt her orgasm rip through her, drawing a scream as her hips rose to his, her sex clamping around him hard, and he came seconds afterwards, exploding within her, filling her, her pussy milking him dry with the ripples of mutual orgasm. He collapsed on her and slightly to the side, his face beside hers, their bodies still joined, their breathing still harsh.

As he regained his breath, Sam found himself mesmerized by Jules’ profile in the yellow glow of the truck lights. He lifted a finger and traced a line from her forehead across her brow down her nose and rested on her lips.

He rubbed his finger gently across what were now swollen and brutalized lips. “I hurt you.”

Jules turned her head lazily, “What?”

“Your lips. They’re swollen. You probably have a few bruises, too.”

Jules snorted and rolled towards him, inadvertently releasing him from her body, which she instantly regretted. She felt the warmth of their mixed fluids pour from her body and she already wanted more. “I hardly think I was a reluctant participant, Sam.”

“It was our first time. Not exactly how I’d imagined it.” He groaned.

“Better maybe. Certainly memorable. I sorta like it when you get all alpha male on me.”

“I’ve learned a lot being with you.”

Jules snuggled her naked body against his half naked one. “Like what?”

“I’m possessive. I won’t share. I did not like it when you danced with Eric tonight.”

Jules laughed, “You weren’t supposed to like it.”

“Yeah well, I didn’t. I think if it had been Steve I would have killed him.”

Jules was serious suddenly. “I didn’t pick Steve. I wouldn’t have danced with Steve, Sam.”

He looked at her and kissed her forehead. “Yeah, I know,” he whispered, acknowledging their combined dislike of the man.

“What else did you learn?”

“That you have another tat on your upper thigh hidden between your legs,” he reached between her legs to touch his latest discovery. “Just how much ink do you have?”

“I think that calls for a treasure hunt…”

Sam buried his head in her neck, laughing, “Aye, wench, that it does, that it does.”


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