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Silly Girl

A fugitive has escaped and U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is protecting the woman the fugitive has sworn to kill, but not before harming her and her family.

The beginning of the first chapter:

Title: Silly Girl
Category: TV Shows » Justified
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Drama
Published: 04-01-10, Updated: 04-03-10
Chapters: 7, Words: 17,707

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A/N: Justified just started on FX and I was thrilled to see more of Timothy Olyphant. I have thought he was hot since I saw Hitman a while ago (see my Hitman story under Games/Hitman) so it only seemed natural to write a little story about his character Raylan Givens. We don’t know much about him yet since there has only been three episodes, but this little diddy just didn’t leave my mind so here it is.

Justified: Silly Girl…

Chapter 1

I love this time of night. I was showered and relaxed in my oversized Dallas Cowboys jersey. The kids are in bed, the staff is tucked away in their various quarters, and silence descends on the farm. Well, relative silence. I can still hear the occasional whinny of one of the horses settling into sleep, the soft hooting of the owls that live in the trees in and surrounding us, the snores of the puppies at my feet. The silence is so deep I can even hear the crackle of paper wrapped around my clove cigarette as it burns and the clink of the ice melting in my glass of Jim Beam’s Baker. Some nights the grounds lit by the plethora of stars we could see being so far out from any other light or the moon that cast a white glow over the trees, pool, and barns. Tonight, that light was obstructed by the clouds that dropped the gentle rain settling over the grounds. And that was good too.

Even as I listened, and smoked, and drank I knew I was waiting for something. Before I never waited; I never hoped or expected, but now, foolishly I waited. I couldn’t even fool myself that I wasn’t waiting, because I was. My cell phone lay quiet by my side. I never used my cell phone. Maybe five people in the world had the number and knew not to call it unless I didn’t answer my house phone first. But here it was, mocking me in its own silence.

I met U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens a month ago. That long, tall drink of water climbed out of his black government issue suburban, cowboy hat and boots and my first thought was “Wow!” My next thought was “Shit! The Marshal’s are here. Clive’s escaped or something.” My two kids developed an instant curiosity about the tall man in the big black car. My son Michael, because he carried a gun and had a “cool” badge I was to learn later. I suppose all little boys, even big boys, are kinda fascinated by the guns and fancy badges with stars on it, even four year olds. And Natalie, my two and a half year old daughter was even worse. She didn’t even pretend to be shy, which she isn’t, but she sometimes uses as a ‘strategy’ if she knew what one was. She went right up to him from the porch where we had been having our afternoon snack after swimming and stood there with her little hands crossed in one of those little girl cutsey-pie sort of ways, her curling hair falling to the side as she tilted her head up at him and smiled, a teasing, seductive sort of smile, but that had to be my imagination. She was only a baby afterall!

I could tell he wasn’t a man who had been around many children, and mine were more talkative and eager than many. We didn’t get too much company out this way, so other than the usual suspects they were used to, this man in the worn cowboy hat and boots, wearing a necktie with a dark denim shirt really was a curiosity. But, he took all the questions and attention in stride and even got down to the kids’ level to talk to them and introduce himself. Michael apparently asked to see his badge and the man kindly let him have it to look at. He asked them both their names and asked if they could take him to see their mom. Michael and Nat led the way to the porch steps where I stood leaning against one of the columns, watching the scene play out. I laughed slightly as the two kids never seemed to take a breath and the man seemed to just absorb it all in due course.

I found myself standing in front of the most attractive man I might have ever met. His beard was slightly grizzled looking and his eyes were piercingly green. He was tan and clearly well built from the fit of his jeans and shirt, even with the holster and jacket. I remember thinking at the time that he must be warm under all that extra clothing. It was late spring in Kentucky afterall.

He put his hand out to introduce himself to me, “I’m U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, m’am. I’m lookin’ for Mrs. Clive Willis?” His voice was gravelly, deep, and yet soft.

“Well, I never went by that name but I ‘spose I would be her. My name is Gracie Mae Hamilton.” I shook his hand and kept my eyes locked with his. I swear my heart skipped a beat when he gave me a soft smile. “Marshal Givens, you have me at a disadvantage I’m afraid. We’ve been in the pool all day as you can probably tell. I wasn’t expecting visitors,” I said as I foolishly tried to do something with my wet hair. And it didn’t help that I was exposed so much in my bikini top, sarong, and bare feet.

I guess he must have sensed my discomfort. “Ms. Hamilton, I’m sorry I came unannounced like this. If you want, you can go up and change if you’d feel better. I should have called first. I just didn’t think.” He seemed a little embarrassed as well. That made me think ‘nice guy.’

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