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Eliot and the Unknown Woman

The NCIS team joins the Leverage team to rescue and protect a woman whom both teams have come to know and love. They believed she was dead for two years, before finding her alive, but with terrible stories to tell of her capture.

Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content, torture, adult situations. You must be 18 years or older to enjoy.

The beginning of the first chapter:

Title: Eliot and the Unknown Woman
Category: TV Shows » NCIS
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Published: 12-28-08, Updated: 01-08-09
Chapters: 13, Words: 29,449

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A/N: I love the show Leverage and the endless possibilities of shades of gray bad guys doing good, so I took that and built a story around it using it as a minor framework for NCIS. I take the main characters of those shows and add in one of my own OC’s from an NCIS story and some events etc. from several of those stories. This story takes the Leverage team out of their comfort zone and into a more violent world than they have been before, with good cause. The OC, particular items, and such are all my original stuff, so no harm, no foul. If you follow my NCIS stories you will see a blend of characters and outcomes from those stories. Gibbs and Ziva have retired in this story and are living in Baja, and Tony is running his own team in Spain. McGee is still at NCIS, but Abby has moved on to a private lab because of what happens to Chanel. They all make appearances becoming more and more major players towards the end, but the main (hot) love story is between Eliot and Chanel. (Sorry Gibbs shippers) If you haven’t seen Leverage on TNT, GREAT caper flick, exciting, interesting characters and makes me laugh out loud, which is rare indeed. I know this is a little off the beaten path for hardcore NCIS fans, but give it a shot. The new readers over on Leverage read (alot) but didn’t review, so I’m moving it. What you recognize belongs to either Leverage/TNT or NCIS/CBS. What and who you don’t recognize and the story belongs to me. Reviews feed the muse, please leave them. If I don’t get reviews here encouraging to complete, I’ll abandon the story. Not blackmail, just reality. My muse is seriously into this story over the other two I have going, but maybe no interest means no good, and go back to my others. I was hoping a different, more experienced audience might be open to something a little out of the ordinary.

Eliot and the Unknown Woman

Chapter 1

Eliot was walking down one of the seedier sidewalks in LA enjoying a little private space. He found himself really enjoying working as part of a team, especially this team, where he had always worked alone before. But the whole “team-i-ness” was starting to grind a little. Yeah, he had his own apartment and could hang out there watching hockey, reading, and stuff. That was a little too alone now. He snickered to himself, too much togetherness, too much alone-ness. It used to be simple, just alone and no complications. So he settled for somewhere in between for a while, wandering the streets in LA where one could never be alone, but where one was always alone.

Nearby he heard the familiar grunts of some serious full contact fighting going on. He carefully followed the sounds, becoming louder still while still almost silent to the untrained ear. He figured at least 10 men and what sounded like a single woman. He snuck up on the fight sight, figuring to find a gang rape going on, which of course they would all die a quick death for. Instead, the woman, dressed completely in black, fought with the total discipline of some serious martial arts training. The men were almost as skilled, but she was taking them down one or two at a time. And she wasn’t doing the ‘knock them out’ bit either, if these guys were on the ground they were dead. She was down to two of the men in black left. Both had syringes in their hands and were carefully circling her. Eliot took that opportunity to revealing himself to the threesome, surprising her and unfortunately allowing one of the men to shoot her up. She dropped like a sack of potatoes to the ground. Eliot quickly took out the remaining two men, grabbed the two syringes and the unconscious girl and took off to a less than seedy hotel where no one would see anything and say nothing. He called Alec and Nate immediately while checking her vitals. He removed the black watch cap and this amazing tangle of auburn red hair tumbled out. Her vitals were strong, so whatever was in the syringes was meant to knock her out, not kill her. Alec talked him through how to use the cell phone to check for GPS devices and such, while Nate tore off in his Tesla to meet Eliot with whatever else Alec thought they might need. Through the cell phone Alec located a GPS device in her clothing and another one someplace else he wasn’t sure. Eliot would have to take off her clothes.

“No, no way. She’s, man she is some kind of goddess, a killing goddess. If she wakes up and she’s naked with me, she will kill me. Hell, I will kill me. No.”

“Eliot man, it’s not like either of you is a virgin. You’ve seen it all before. You have to take off the clothes and destroy the devices before the bad ass guys who drugged her beautiful white ass in the first place come find you.”

“Oh, man. Alec she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and she” Eliot started to remove her clothes while he talked, “took these guys down one or two at a time. She is at least as good as I am. But she didn’t even try to leave them alive. If they were down, they weren’t getting up, ever.”

Nate walked into the room catching the tail end of the conversation. “Well, the mess has been cleaned up. Not a button to be found, but we gotta get her out of here. Where are we on GPS devices?”

“Eliot, are her clothes off?”

“Yeah, but I covered her with a sheet. Is that ok?”

“Fine. Do the same thing you did before but cover her whole body and hurry. Start at her head and go all the way through to her toes. You’d be amazed at where these are hidden.”

“Man, you are NOT going to ask me to check, you know, THERE.”

“Everywhere, baby. The clock is ticking and some bad ass dudes are going to be all over you. Wait, we found something, it’s beeping at the back of her neck.”

“I can feel it. Eliot, give me your knife and I’ll cut it out. You keep searching.”

They found three different devices on her, and cut them all cleanly out. Looking over her body, she had obviously been shot and knifed a few times.

“Step on each device, crushing it. Do it on the bathroom tile to be sure. Leave her clothes and bring her here. We’ll get her some clothes and figure out who she is. Geez, Eliot you go out for a little walk and you bring home your own personal stray.”

“Let’s go guys. I think our time has run out.” Nate threw his cashmere coat over the red haired woman and they carried her out the back, racing through the invisible streets of LA to the Leverage offices. They were sure they weren’t being followed but everyone was nervous anyway.

Eliot carried her up the stairs following Nate through the door. Everyone was curious as to what Eliot’s dangerous and very wanted stray looked like. Parker took one look at her and went and found some underwear and clothes for her, and brought them to Eliot’s “office” which had a large fold-out bed and a shower. The unknown woman had been waking up from the tranquilizer for some time but came fully awake and started to attack Eliot while the coat fell off of her. Eliot knew she would kill him for sure if he wasn’t fully present, so Eliot ignored her unbelievable body and found himself in full body contact with his naked goddess. She was obviously terrified and did not know where she was. Eliot kept trying to soothe her, reminding her about the alley, and how he had gotten her out of there before they could take her.

Her struggles stopped suddenly, “You are the idiot that distracted me so that they could tranq me. You are one of them!”

Parker came in with the clothes, “No! Eliot is not one of them, whoever them is. None of us are. He was trying to help you. Put some clothes on before you become the distraction that gets us all killed. Nate and Eliot got rid of all the homing devices in your clothes and you had three on your body they had to cut out. Hence these clothes of mine, and not the fine clothes I’m sure you were wearing before.”

“You found all the GPS devices? Really?” She looked surprised and awed they had managed to do that. She was no longer fighting. She was still undressed though, a very bad distraction for Eliot.

“We think so. There were three.”

“You need to do another sweep just to be sure. These guys are nothing if not anal about keeping me. I have never been able to escape before.” Eliot took off his blue work shirt and put it on over her, even buttoning it up. It left his chest bare, and the fact of a very nice chest barely registered in her agitated mind.

“Let’s go do it the best way possible. Alec can do it better directly than I could over the cell phone.”

She nodded at him and took his hand letting him lead her to Alec. Alec turned to look at her and stopped what he was saying to Nate. “Shit Eliot. You were not kidding about her being some kind of red haired goddess.”

“That is very kind I’m sure, but you need to run me again for devices. I know three seems excessive, but these people will do anything to keep me. Please, before they find me again, find you, run the superscan. Now.” Alec shook his head and ran the most high tech detector in the world over her body again, but did not find another one. The unknown woman sagged into an available chair and started to cry.

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