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The Tudors

I loved The Tudors, at least the 1st, 2nd, and 4th season. I wrote a story about Henry VIII, Charles, The Duke of Suffolk, and a lady they both loved. Their relationship is complex and all things are shared between the three of them.

Warning: Content is for mature adults only. You must be over 18 years to enjoy.

The beginning of the first chapter:

Title: The King, The Duke, and The Lady
Category: TV Shows » Tudors
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Published: 06-30-09, Updated: 02-03-10
Chapters: 18, Words: 55,714

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

The King, The Duke, and The Lady

A Story of Friendship, Love, and Lust

Rated M for UST, sexual situations, multi-partner sex

A/N: While the characters of King Henry VIII and the Duke of Suffolk are historical figures, this story is not based on history. As for characters, you can picture them as they are portrayed in “The Tudors” on Showtime. After all, does it get any better than Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Henry Cavill? I think not. Trivia: Did you know that Henry Cavill was runner-up to Daniel Craig for the newest James Bond? Personally, while Daniel Craig has a certain cruel sexuality to him, his puffy face puts me off, while there is nothing about Henry Cavill that would offend.

The Duke of Nottingham strode down the red carpet towards the King, proudly escorting his daughter in her presentation at Court. As he walked the mysterious woman down the aisle, the usually noisy court became subdued as they watched the proud beauty before them. She had long, thick blonde hair that hung to her middle back, curling in waves and tendrils around her face. Holding her hair back from her face was a simple yet elegant headpiece of royal blue and set off with pearls. Her dress was also simple and elegant and made from royal blue tapestry embroidered with lighter blue flowers. The neckline was square and low-cut as was the fashion, pressing her endowed breast up to the point of almost spilling out of her corset. Her skin was pale and unmarred by any mark, looking luminescent in the candle light. Her lips were lush and full, looking as if they had just been ravished in a heated embrace. Her features were petite for the most part, except for the lushness of her dark pink lips and her large dark blue eyes that hinted at mischief. She was small but well-proportioned with a tiny waist, nicely wide hips (considered a boon for child-bearing), and of course her plump creamy breasts.

Henry, usually bored with the sorts of proceedings, sat up at attention as he saw the Duke leading the woman into Court. The Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon standing behind the King, stood a little straighter as their conversation suddenly stopped mid-sentence as their mutual interest was suddenly captured elsewhere. Both men stopped breathing for a moment and then began again. There had been no such woman at Court in some time, perhaps in anyone’s recent memory.

The Yeoman of the Crown announced the pair as they approached the King on his throne. “The Duke of Nottingham and his daughter the Countess of Huntingdon, Lady Brianna.” The lady curtsied to the King as her father bowed.

With head still bowed, she quietly said in her deep throaty voice, “Your majesty.” Those simple words coming from a beauty like hers matched with a voice deep with the promise of sex and sin made every man at court take special notice of this woman. She was royalty of some kind as she had her own title and was the daughter of the Duke of Nottingham who had gained his title both through battle and his claim to royal blood.

The King stood and walked slowly down the steps to take the woman’s hand in his and raise her from her deep curtsy. She stood in front of the King and watched with shuttered eyes as he kissed her hand in welcome. This was highly unusual and the whispering among the court made that clear.

“Lady Brianna, welcome back to my Court. Your presence has been missed these years. How did you find the French Court?” Henry had taken her hand and led her away from the presentation platform, not necessarily intending to speak privately with his old friend, at least not yet, but wanting to reacquaint himself with the beautiful woman she had become.

“Thank you your majesty. I am honored you remember me from our childhood days. I have long been away from the English Court which has been sorely missed. The French Court is entertaining enough with musicians and poets and bards from around all of Europe. You would enjoy it I think. The French King and Queen entertain some of the best and brightest minds in the world, challenging the intellect and enriching the soul. But my heart, my love, has always belonged to England.” Lady Brianna’s eyes never left the King’s, certainly a forward and unusual tact for a woman, or a man of any station to take with the King of England. She showed no fear, no timidity, and even more than a hint of amusement at the King’s obvious surprise at her return.

“Well, then we shall have to endeavor to provide as much amusement here in our English Court as you found in the French one. There will be a feast tonight. Will you come and sit at my table Lady Brianna? May I have at least the first dance with you? I am sure you will have no shortage of available partners milady.”

“Of course Your Majesty. I would be honored on both counts.”

The King smiled his thoughtful and interested smile and dipped his head, taking her hand and leading her back to her father. “Your Lordship, Lady Brianna, until tonight then.” With that, he dismissed them reluctantly, returning to his receiving throne, looking at Brandon with a smile on his face. “Charles, I think things might just get interesting around here. What do you think?”

“It will be a pleasure to have such a beauty, and such a friend, back at court.”

“Yes, and you will join us at my table tonight?”

“Of course Your Majesty.” Brandon dipped his head in agreement. He was always seated at the King’s table, but was pleased to have such a direct invitation, especially given the King’s obvious interest in their childhood friend grown up, Lady Brianna.

The children of varying ages played together at the castle of Hightower. All members of the England’s finest, including a second son of King VII played on the palace grounds. They chased through the mazes, they hunted game, played cards, were tutored together, played sports of all kinds, and became fast friends. And then one of them was sent to the French court to complete her education. And one of them became King. And one of them was raised from his loyal heritage to King VII to be Duke of Suffolk. And so our story begins.

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One thought on “The Tudors

  1. Mist on said:

    Hello, I am a huge fan of this story, “The King, the Duke, and The Lady.” I found it on AO3 and realized you haven’t update anything since Mid-2012. It appears you are still active on this site, felt this might be the best place for you to see my post. 🙂

    I hope all is well, and hope once again you’ll fine the interest to continue this story.

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