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It’s In The Blood: An Erotic Love Story of Eric and Sookie

Eric and Sookie



This story is about Eric and Sookie’s first night together…all night long. Complete PWP.   

 After Bill’s kidnapping, Sookie finally realizes the importance Eric has in her life. She *finally* succumbs to his seduction…afterall who wouldn’t? TEAM ERIC. M rated for shower worthy sex. Feed the muse, she’s hungry…R&R. COMPLETE.
True Blood – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 6 – Words: 17,915 – Reviews: 240 – Updated: 7-3-10 – Published: 6-18-10 – Eric N. & Sookie S. – Complete     

Beginning of first chapter:    

Title: It’s In The Blood:An Eric Sookie Erotic Love Story
Category: TV Shows » True Blood
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/General
Published: 06-18-10, Updated: 07-03-10
Chapters: 6, Words: 17,915    

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 

It’s In The Blood: An Eric/Sookie Love Story    

What’s in your blood…is in my blood…    

Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, Blood    

A/N: I bring this story to you as an unabashedly TEAM ERIC member. Is everyone appropriately jazzed about this season? Editorial comment: More Eric with anyone, less Tara (pleez…). Remember, my stories generally take a dim view of Bill, and this one bastardizes some of the book/TV show story lines as well. Remember to read and review! As Booth once said to Brennan, “If you take the time to write it, I can take the time to read it.” Respect and honor the muse…Review!    

“Eric,” Sookie pleaded as she followed the tall vampire into her home.    

The drive back from Mississippi seemed even longer than it was given the cold and angry mood of the man behind the wheel. Waves of anger, impatience, and frustration poured off of him. Sookie had quit trying to talk to him about 10 miles past the were bar. He was in no mood and she got tired of hearing her own voice being whipped into the cool night air as the topless Corvette sped recklessly down the darkened highway. Her hair tangled as the wind thrashed across her face, quickly drying the tears that came unbidden down her face. Instead she spent the two hours watching the ghostly tress and dark shadowed houses fly by.    

Sookie stood and watched as Eric paced the small living room. He had thrown his black leather jacket on to a side chair, and now moved rapidly back and forth in her living room, at times nothing but a blur of black tank top and jeans. And then he’d slow down as his hands ran through his hair, agitation showing in his very movement. Knowing he wouldn’t be leaving any time soon, she disappeared into the kitchen for some juice for her and a heated True Blood for him.    

She kept her voice calm as she placed his bottle on the table. “Eric, please,” she started again.    

“Sookie, shut up. Just for once shut up,” he snarled.    

“Excuse me? Shut up? Is that the best you can do Eric? Besides, this is my house. I won’t shut up as you so eloquently put it.” Eric shot her a dangerous look and she quickly stopped her rebuke.    

Continued at    


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