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White Queen to Black Knight Chapter 02

Chapter 2

On such a breathless night as this

Upon my brow the lightest kiss

I walked alone

And all around the air did say

My lady soon will stir this way

In sorrow known

The white queen walks and the night grows pale

Stars of lovingness in her hair

White Queen, Queen

Bruce picked Alina up at the Gotham Towers where she had taken over the Penthouse. They were both dressed in black to honor Rachel and to meet with Gordon. Gordon didn’t know Bruce was coming with her, but he assured her that Gordon would be ok. Bruce had to promise not to interfere with setting up her photo shoots.

They walked silently hand in hand to Rachel’s gravesite. Bruce stood to the side while Alina talked to her best friend Rachel. They had all three been great friends, and Rachel had been both their friends, although his feelings for Rachel had grown beyond that of friendship. Alina finished her talk with Rachel and stood crying, not sobs but just gentle tears running down her face. Bruce held her closely. This time she wore a Vera Wang black knit dress that wrapped her body tightly and flared from her waist to above her knees. There was no skin to feel this time, but he could still feel her body, her breasts, her tiny waist. He could also feel her strength and power. She was very strong. Maybe he shouldn’t have laughed at her yesterday. He might get his butt kicked tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

She finally pulled away and holding his hand motioned to him that they should continue to the car.

“Gordon’s going to be waiting for us soon. Thank you Bruce. I appreciate your support. It’s been a long time since I was held by anyone, especially a man.”

“Why is that? You are stunning. You are probably the most intelligent woman I’ve ever known. You are one of the best in your field, photography and novels. Surely you can’t be lacking for male companionship.”

He opened the door to the car and helped her in even if she didn’t need it, he needed to do it anyway. “Do you sleep with every woman you go out with?”

He laughed. “You see right through me don’t you? No, I even despise dating them. I care nothing for any of them, and I take none of them to bed with me. And I would guess that is the same for you.”

“Yes, but while your female companions are beautiful, perfumed, and clean, the places I have been the men are not known for their hygiene. Even now, back in the states, I came straight here, what I know as home, and there are no other men. I interview maniacs and despots. You are the only mostly normal man I know. So other than you, I would say that yes I am lacking for male companionship.”

Bruce looked at her seriously, shook his head and drove them to Gordon’s office.

“Hello Commissioner Gordon. My name is Alina Witter. It is a pleasure to meet you. Bruce speaks very highly of you.” She had put her body between Gordon and Bruce to be sure she owned the meeting by introducing herself first. She shook his hand with a very firm grip and smiled at Gordon, giving him the smile that made anyone give her what she wanted.

Bruce shook Gordon’s hand and they all sat down in the comfortable chairs in his office.

“Commissioner Gordon, I believe you are aware of the work I am doing. I have traveled around the world taking pictures of people considered both good and evil. I would like to take pictures of both the Joker and Harvey Dent. I would also like to take pictures of Batman and I understand you know how to get in touch with him.”

“And Batman you would consider good or evil?” Gordon seemed overly protective but didn’t want to show it. Given sometimes Batman is the only honest man he can find, Alina supposed that was fair.

“Batman would be considered good, unless he says something while we are talking that would change my mind. But from everything I have heard, I understand that Batman would fall on the good side.”

“I don’t think I can allow you to interview or take pictures of either the Joker or Harvey Dent. It is entirely too dangerous to you. I doubt they would even talk to you, or make sense if they did.”

“I have interviewed and photographed some of the most horrible and cruel men in the world and I assure you I can take care of myself. It is interesting the women don’t typically fall at the top of the list, although I believe they can be quite ruthless. I appreciate your concern, but again I am sure that I can protect myself. You can have a guard right outside the door and you and Bruce can watch if you like. I will be perfectly safe.”

Bruce spoke up, “I think it is too dangerous Alina. Please do not do this. Do not draw attention to yourself. It will only feed their fantasies and make things more dangerous for you.”

“I appreciate your concern Bruce, Commissioner. But really, I can take care of myself. I believe I will be able to prove that to Bruce tomorrow. We have a little challenge going on. If, after our challenge, he is confident that I can defend myself under the conditions we have outlined, do we have a deal?”

“If Bruce believes you can defend yourself against the Joker and Harvey Dent, then I will allow it.”

“And pictures of Batman?”

“Let’s see how things go tomorrow. I will be honest with you Ms. Witter. I would be surprised if Batman would ever agree to be photographed, even by someone as famous as you.”

She smiled at the Commissioner and then looked at Bruce with the small smile as well. “I think you will both learn that I always get what I want. You might as well give it up. Thank you for time Commissioner. I’ll call you day after tomorrow to set up a time to take the pictures.”

The Commissioner wasn’t quite sure what to think, shook her hand, and watched while she walked away.

He looked at Bruce, shook his head, “She is going to be a tough one. Good luck Mr. Wayne.”

“Commissioner, you have no idea.”


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