Stumbling Towards Ecstasy

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Lemon Jam Chapter 8

You look at me like maybe
I’m an angel underneath; innocent and sweet
Yesterday I cried; Must’ve been relief to see the softer side.

So take me as I am
This may mean you’ll have to be a stronger man
Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous
and I’m going to extremes
tomorrow I will change
and today won’t mean a thing.

I’m a bitch, I’m a tease
I’m a goddess on my knees
When you hurt; when you suffer
I’m your angel undercover.

Bitch (edited), songwriters: Goraguer, Alain/Gall, Robert

She was so exhausted from the day she slept right through his shower, and woke when the smell of sandalwood and cedar filled her nostrils. But it was only when she rolled over and he wasn’t in bed, but the steam from his shower hung in the air she realized he was home. Looking at the clock, she knew the guys had stayed out for a while at The Goose having beers and burgers.

When she walked into the moonlit living room, Jules saw his tall body with its broad shoulders outlined against the open window. Sam was dressed for bed in low slung sweats and his chest was bare. He stared out the sliding glass doors, lost in thought.

“Hey you,” she whispered.

Sam looked over his shoulder and smiled. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Jules walked towards him and circled her arms around his waist, pressing her body against his back. “Why not? You usually do.”

He carefully pulled her hands up his chest while he laughed softly, not wanting to break the quiet. “Actually, we’ve always gone to bed together, so I’ve never had to avoid waking you up.”

“Hmm. True enough. So why now?”

“It’s been a long night. I can’t believe I let those guys talk me into going out, and then to stay out so long. All I really wanted to do was be here with you.”

Like a cat might brush against a hand, she rubbed her face against his back, enjoying the feel of his damp skin against hers, inhaling his scent, enjoying the quiet tender moment.

Her hands began to stroke the smooth taut muscles of his chest. “I missed you too. But it isn’t all bad you went out with the guys. You still need to do that. We still need to do that.”

“But we weren’t there tonight.”

“No, not tonight.” Her hands slowly caressed his lower stomach and as she reached past his navel, she felt his long erection, thick and ready.


His hand reached down and pulled hers away. “No Jules.” Even as he tugged her away, his own hand returned to his cock, rubbing carefully as if to relieve the ache that so obviously pained him.

Twisting herself around to face him, she tilted her face to his, placing one hand on his chest above his heart, and let the other drift to his, stroking up and down his shaft slowly. She heard a low groan escape from his throat and leaned into him, lifting her mouth to his throat, licking where the vibration of the came from.

Sam again tried to pull away but this time her hand went behind his neck while her other pushed his hand away, substituting her own, squeezing and caressing his cock, and causing Sam to swallow hard.

“I’m guessing yet another cold shower didn’t work tonight.”

He buried his head in her neck whispering against her hair. “Not hardly. I got home and watched you sleeping. I crave you, Jules. Just watching you sleep, you looked like an angel and all I could think about… well, now…I think it’s going to be a really long night.”

She continued to stroke him, alternating a light touch with a firmer touch, glimpsing his breath speed up. “And what was it you were thinking about doing?”

She was answered with a snarl, “No Jules. We said no, not yet. Do not push me.”

As an answer, she pushed him against the wall, standing on her toes reaching his mouth, “Push you like this?”

She sucked his lower lip demanding entrance. Jules crushed his hard body between the wall and hers, her mouth drinking from his, her hand squeezing and rubbing his hard, hot cock up and down, leaving no doubt what she wanted to do to him, what she wanted from him.

She broke the kiss off, whispering, “Tell me what you crave from me, Sam….” When he would look away, her eyes pulled him back. “Tell me.”

“I want everything. I want to make love soft, slow, hard, fast. I want to take you against the wall, I want to be on my knees making you come in my mouth screaming…God Jules, you have to stop,” he gasped.

“No, I’m not going to stop. Feel what you do to me Sam Braddock.” Using two fingers, she slowly withdrew her own thick juices and brought it to his lips, “taste what you do to me.”

Sam’s breathing became shallow as he sucked her cum off her fingers, not believing the saint-sinner that stood before him. In all of his fantasies of her, fantasies of domination and thrill, of her own aggression and submission, the woman who stood before him was everything he had hoped for. What he had hoped for, fantasized about, but never believed he would actually find.

Jules’ smile became predatory as her mouth joined his, tasting her nectar on his lips. “Sam, you have to breathe or you’ll never survive this.”

When they kissed this time, there was no tenderness between them, only bruising aggression, desire on desire, pummeling against each other. Jules felt his bearded shadow burn against her tender skin and only wanted more. She wanted to feel her skin singed red by his stiff stubble.

Sam moaned as Jules took complete charge of the situation. He knew he was possessive and dominant and yet, here she was, controlling, pushing him back to the wall, taking him hard and fast. When she left his mouth and began sliding down his body gracefully, he completely capitulated, giving up whatever arguments he still might have offered.

Jules captured his light brown nipple and drew it into her warm, wet mouth. She bit and sucked, feeling it rise and hardened under her tongue, before she moved to the other, drawing it into a tight hard knot. She felt rather than saw Sam’s head fall back against the wall. His chest rose and fell rapidly as his breathing sped up while she continued her slow glide down his body.

Her tongue never left contact with his body. She traced circles and waves along the light dusting of blonde hair, her tongue paying special attention to the sensitive navel which caused an involuntary jerk of his hips when he felt that singular nerve shoot into his body. Jules licked and sucked, not caring that she marked him in her wake, until she reached the wet tip of his cock. His breath caught as soon as her tongue lashed out to lick the copious pre-cum, swirling around his entire sensitive head, digging into the little divot at the very tip. Sam groaned loudly as she drilled into that tiny hole. While her tongue drank greedily, her hands reached around and slid the sweats down his hips while he automatically stepped out.

Her own pussy flooded, Jules shocked him when she pulled her own silken fluid from her body to use as a lubricant, entering him and pressing against his prostate easily. He convulsed against her, almost coming then.

“Jesus Christ, Jules!” Clenching his fists, Sam growled at the surprise entry and suddenly the wall was holding all of his weight.

Jules would have smiled if her mouth hadn’t been so busy. She hummed sending tremors along his cock, causing small jerks and spasms. Her mouth started to trace the vein that ran down the length of his cock. Sam moaned at the sensation. Jules moved downwards taking him in, the heat of her mouth increasing the tightness he already felt. Every time he thought he couldn’t get any harder, there she was doing something that made him grow. Soon she had him completely in her mouth, taking him to the back of her throat and as she began to pull back she increased the suction and pushed against his prostate bringing an even louder groan from him. This continued…swallow, squeeze, suck, push…while her free hand fondled and rolled his velvet orbs like Chinese medicine balls.

He was dying at the slow pace she was setting. It felt wonderful, true, and under different circumstances he would let her go as long as she wanted. But now, he was desperate. He wrapped her hair gently in his hands, moving her head faster. Jules matched him move for move, sucking at the right time, lubricating with her hot saliva on the way down, pushing on his prostate on the way up. His rhythm fell off but hers never did. She released his balls when they drew up close to his body and she knew the time was close. He growled loudly as he approached his climax. She needed at least one hand to brace herself to take him deeply into her mouth. His speed was becoming a challenge for Jules to keep up with, but using her free hand, she kept her balance and was able to continue to take his hard thick length into her hot mouth. He managed the last few strokes until with a loud cry he finally spilled his hot seed completely into her mouth and she swallowed the salty nectar. She milked him completely before Sam pulled his sweaty body from her mouth and slid down the wall to the ground. She gently licked him clean and kissed him long and deep so he could taste himself. Then she went to wash her hands before she returned to him, bringing a big blanket and pillows as he took her in his arms.

They lay there, a huddled mass of nakedness, snuggling together, relaxed for the first time in weeks. Sam sighed, hands buried again in her soft hair, eyes closed, unable to move.

“My God Jules,” he said, content and exhausted.

He lay back on the pillow and ran his fingers through her hair already almost asleep.



“Thanks for the flowers,” she whispered, her fingers twirling the damp, fine hair that surrounded his cock.


“Yeah. The ones you left on the door tonight.”

“Jules, I didn’t leave any flowers. Until I came home tonight, I hadn’t been back here since we left this morning.”

“Sam? That isn’t funny.”

“As much as I wish I had, I didn’t leave you flowers Jules.”

She was silent and then lifted her head resting it on his stomach, looking him in the eye. “The card said ‘I wish I had been your first, but I will be your last.’ It wasn’t signed, Sam.”

The man in the shadows watched as the she got on her knees in front of the large blonde man and took him in her mouth, sucking him dry. The man being worshiped looked on as if the kneeling woman was his angel, his goddess, but she wasn’t his. Because she belonged to him…the man watching…and she would be his slave… and she would go down on him but instead of curling up naked and sleeping soundly together afterwards, he would force her to take him again and again and again. Until her jaw ached and tears rolled down her face. Until she couldn’t breathe. Until she choked. Just like he was forcing the whore whose face was buried in his lap right now.

Previously, he made the mistake of coming alone. But tonight, he brought company and a good thing too. At first, he thought it might have been a mistake. The woman had been alone when he first arrived at her house and that had been unexpected. But it was too soon and he was patient. He wanted the couple to be together in every way. To have all those things couples have…love, happiness, home, family just so he could rip it all away from them. And only then would he make her his. It would make their terror and loss all the more sweet.

When he watched the couple in front of the window, he was glad he had brought the whore with him. He had already made her take him twice and she was working him for the third time. Now that the couple was asleep, it was time for his final act of the night and then he would go hide in the daylight… the daylight where he lived as a normal man, but he was a man who thrived in the shadows and there he had no need to hide.

He came hard in the whore’s mouth, shoving his cock so deep that she gagged and couldn’t breathe, holding her arms behind her back, and his hands in her hair to control her head. When he was done, he released her hair and reluctantly pulled out. He pulled her head up and gave her a slight smile, “Good girl.” Those were the last words she heard as he snapped her neck and pushed her away.

A hundred miles later, the man dumped the whore’s body in the woods, stripped off her clothes, being sure to pour bleach into her mouth, face and hands. Even if she was found, there would be no DNA evidence to ever tie him to her. He was nothing if not careful. He was a man of the shadows.


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