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White Queen to Black Knight Chapter 10

Two-Faced Harvey Dent

Chapter 10

Recommended at the price

Insatiable an appetite

Wanna try?

Killer Queen, Queen

Alina entered a similar room where Two-Faced Harvey Dent sat, waiting patiently apparently, but Alina sensed a bruised ego that he had been kept waiting.

“Good morning. My name is Alina Witter. I am a photographer. You can call me Alina. What would you like for me to call you?”

“Two-Face is fine. What have you photographed?”

“In general or for this project?” She had been prepared for Dent’s facial destruction, so she did not respond to that grotesque damage. She started walking around him taking shots. He was an interesting man and his intelligence still shone through his obvious insanity. That was possibly the Jokers greatest crime, sending a fragile, damaged, yet still sane Dent into the realms of insanity for his own amusement.

“For this project, faces of good and evil. I’m guessing I’m going to fall on the evil side.”

“Can you sit in the chair? Good thank you. Where do you think should fall?”

“Well, let’s see. We will flip a coin. We make our own luck you know.” She got a terrific shot of both sides of his face with the coin in the air. That was probably the single best shot she would get. But she would continue.

“What do you mean by that…we make our own luck? How do you make your own luck if you leave it up to the chance of a coin toss?”

Harvey laughed, tossing the coin to her. She looked at it closely seeing the two headed coin. She smiled at him and tossed it back. “Is that where Two-Faced came from as well?”

“No, Two-Face came from my days in internal affairs. That’s what the cops used to call me. But there was, is, a lot of corruption in the police force. It makes for easy pickings for the criminals. Batman can’t fight everyone forever. Alone.”

“You were always called the White Knight, before the accident. You were the hero of Gotham, not Batman. What made you give that up?”

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”

“So you were a hero, the White Knight of Gotham, almost single handedly cleaning up the mess it had become, and now you are a villain locked up here. What happened?”

Two-Faces voice got very low and very sad. “Rachel. Rachel happened. I loved her, she agreed to marry me, and I told her everything was going to be alright even though I knew it wouldn’t be. One of us would die, Batman couldn’t save us both. He should have saved Rachel, and he didn’t. I will never forgive him for that.”

“Maybe he will never forgive himself, Mr. Dent.” Alina sighed sadly. “I think there is probably enough regret to go around. Thank you for your patience today. I think we got some wonderful shots.” While she didn’t feel threatened by Two-Face, she did not turn her back to him as she left either.

Commissioner Gordon and Bruce accompanied her back to the room that held the Joker. She could feel the overwhelming grief coming off of Bruce over what he had overheard about Two-Face, Rachel, and Batman. “You tried to save her baby. The Joker played a cruel joke, or maybe created a cruel twist of fate, that you got caught in. You loved her, we both know that, and you would have brought time to a halt if that was within your power to save her once you realized what had happened. Please keep it together until we get home. I need your present with me now. You can grieve again for Rachel at home, alone or with me. Whatever you need.”

She sighed and looked at Commissioner Gordon pulling attention away from Bruce. She straightened her shoulders, smiled weakly at him, “This has taken more out of me than I thought. So much about what has happened to Gotham, once my beloved home, is due to what these two men have done, good and bad. I feel wrung out, which is dangerous for them and dangerous for me. I will go now back into the lion’s den and finish the piece on Joker. Hopefully it will not take long.” Gordon nodded his head at her as she picked up her camera to leave. Bruce grabbed her by the shoulder pulling her to him. He kissed her thoroughly and deeply, his longing and need for her apparent.

“Be safe. Remember the word.”

She nodded, put her game face on and entered Joker’s holding room.

“I’m back, Joker. And…here…we…go.”

Joker turned to face Alina without his makeup on. She gave no reaction at all, although it was a startling change. She walked up closer, but not too close, and could see the scars. For the most part though, he looked fairly normal.

She started snapping pictures up close and further away. She asked him, “How do you see yourself when you are without your makeup?”

“Mostly normal, but I am more interested in how you see me.”

She laughed, “That is a trap I have no desire to fall into. What I think or do not think is of no consequence. I only care about how you see yourself.”

“I think that I am easier on the eyes without my clown mask. I think that if I so chose, I could seduce a woman easier than with my crazy face. Can I seduce you?”

Alina smirked again, a dangerous smirk and didn’t take her eye off the camera lens. “You could not.”

“Because of my scars? I am certainly amply endowed as you can tell.”

“Touch yourself again like that and this shoot is over.” Her voice was ice cold.

“I like a woman who takes power. If not my scars, and not because I am not endowed enough, why would you not take me as a lover?”

She sensed his thoughts and he was quite coherent, and he truly wanted to know.

“Once I answer this question, our shoot is over. Understood?”


“I have a lover. And I do not ever get involved with men, crazy or not, who just want to watch the world burn.” She turned away from him to place her camera in her bag, knowing he would approach her.

The Joker was close enough to her for her to feel his breath on her neck. If he had not been so caught up in his fantasy, he would have realized Alina was on high alert to his presence. He mistakenly read it as attraction. He reached his arm around her frozen body to brush her breast, while saying to her, “We could both sit and watch the world burn, anywhere in the world.”

Before he had finished his sentence she had grabbed his arm flipping him backwards breaking his arm in three different places, and kneecapping him going down. Gordon and Bruce both were shocked at her speed. Gordon wanted to interfere to protect her, but Bruce held him back. “If she needs help, she will call for it.” Joker was laughing and screaming in pain at the same time. He had been bested by a girl. He found that highly amusing and only made his desire for her more intense.

Alina took one army boot and placed it squarely on his annoying erection, which definitely stopped his laughter. She then took her other boot and placed it on his throat.

“Don’t try to talk Joker. Another pound of pressure from by boot on your throat will kill you. Oh, so sad. So let me talk. I wasn’t sure if you and Harvey Dent rated on the scale of worldwide evil. After all, I have interviewed and photographed truly formidable evil. I think you are crazy, but I also think you have your lucid moments, particularly when you are without your makeup. You drove Harvey Dent insane, for your own amusement, and in that instance you are evil. And you kill and cut without hesitation or reason. Again, evil. But mostly, you are just a genuine pain in the ass, stir the pot, throw in a little chaos, watch the city burn for no other purpose than your own amusement. So, I guess even if Gotham is a small part of the worldwide picture, I think you are evil and it is too bad Batman didn’t kill you when he had the chance. You have something to say apparently, so I will let up on the pressure on your throat and increase the pressure on that not very impressive erection. Try to move and I will kill you before the guard can get it here. Understood?”

Joker nodded his head and she let up slightly. He knew he was a dead man if he tried anything. “Who are you to decide if I am evil or not? And if Batman should have killed me then, why don’t you do it now?”

“Oh I grow tired of this conversation. You were so much more interesting when you were honest and curious. It is not for me to decide if you are evil or are not. That has already been decided. As for killing you, Batman lives by his own code. It is not for me to judge that either. I have a somewhat different code, perhaps you have noticed. If I didn’t already have very vigorous and lengthy plans for the evening, I might have to kill you in self defense. But then you know how it is, I would get arrested, at least for a few hours, lots of paperwork, that sort of thing. And you know how bothersome those lawyers are. So if it is just the same to you, I’ll catch you on the flipside and go home to my significantly more worthy pursuits.” She moved her eyes to his flattened and no doubt painful erection and back to his eyes, her meaning clear. “I am going to step off of you now. You so much as twitch an eye lid, I’ll kneecap your remaining knee, and you will certainly never walk again. I’m going then to call for the guard and leave. You will never see me again. I had so hoped that our time together would be spent more civilly, but I suppose that was asking too much.”

Within two minutes Gordon, Alina and Bruce were walking down the hall. Gordon had ordered that the Joker be left in his room, regardless of his injuries, until Ms. Witter was out of the building and off the premises. Gordon was sweating bullets. “I can’t believe what I just saw. You are amazing. You’re like Batman. I wish you had just killed him though. Things would be much easier.”

“It might have been easier for you perhaps, Commissioner, but not for me. And as flattering as it is to be compared to Batman, I am just a woman who had to learn to protect herself the hard way. Thank you for making these arrangements. I do believe I got some excellent photographs. Take care, Commissioner.”

Alfred opened the door and Alina slid over as Bruce entered the car. Bruce put his arms around her and embraced her.

“Alfred, you should have seen her with the Joker. Joker wanted pictures with and without his makeup. The second visit, he actually was trying to seduce Alina and groped her. She had him flipped backwards, his arm broken in three places and kneecapped before he hit the ground.”

“Oh please. You exaggerate. He had hit the ground by the final break.”

“Oh, ok like that makes a big difference. Then she stands with one boot on the hard-on he’d had for her all morning, flattening it which must have been excruciating. She puts her other boot on his throat which of course with the right amount of weight would crush his trachea and kill him. It was all very impressive.”

Alfred looked surprised and pleased, “Perhaps Master Wayne could take some lessons, particularly the one about not being afraid to kill the bad guy.”

Bruce rolled his eyes and just sighed. “Would you have killed him if you didn’t have plans tonight? I liked the way you talked about those plans too.”

“Kill him for groping me? No. Kill him in an insane asylum for being evil. No. If he arranges to get out, yes. I meant what I said about him. The man just wants to watch the world burn for no other reason than his own amusement. He deserves to die. I know you feel differently about that. If you wouldn’t kill him for killing Rachel, then you won’t kill him for anything. You’ll just torture yourself for not saving her, when Joker was the cause of that not you. And the Joker killed her. And the Joker ruined Harvey Dent, the man you could have handed over the mantle to so you didn’t have to be Batman anymore. I have a line of what I will and will not do. So do you. Mine is just higher up the X-axis then yours. And I’m getting the sense I don’t have those plans tonight anymore.”

Bruce was silent and then looked out the window. Alfred softly, but loud enough to be heard in the silent car repeated something Alina had said, something he had told Bruce in the thick of the Joker crisis. “Some men just want to see the world burn.”

They drove the rest of the way home in silence. Bruce’s mind was closed to hers, but she left hers open just in case. It was a long 30 minute drive.


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