Stumbling Towards Ecstasy

Creativity dedicated to the Heart, Mind, and Soul

Lemon Jam Chapter 10

Dark dream world

All alone
Shadows movin’
Shadows have long gone by
Shadows have long gone by
Dark night of the soul.

But steps echo
No one on these streets
Callin’ out your name
Where are you baby?
It’s a dream world
Dark dream world
Dark night of the soul.

Dark Night of the Soul, Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse

There was a gentle warm breeze rustling the small copse of old oak trees. It was dark, there was no moon and only the light pollution of the city gave any illumination to the area at all. And only her truck was parked in the driveway. They weren’t home yet. He was pissed.

He had left in plenty of time, suffered through hours of watching them tease and play with each other at the bar. He drank his beer, pretending to be a part of things, his eyes always on them.  He saw her making love on the dance floor regardless of who she danced with. His cock jerked in anticipation and he licked his lips when he caught the other man bring her honey to his lips to taste. How had everyone missed that? But everyone but him had. Of course, he was better than they were. He couldn’t expect anything more.

When he saw her rubbing against him like a snake, telling him in every way she wanted to do bad things to him, it was almost too much. He felt a dark rage build inside him, almost blinding him to everything around him. How dare she? As much as that dark rage filled his mind, a more sinister hunger filled his cock to overflowing, straining against his jeans.

When she returned alone to the table, cheeks flushed, eyes shimmering with passion, tossing money at the table and rushing off, he had to reach deep into the well of his considerable patience to stay in place, to continue the conversations he was engaged in, to wait things out until he could leave without raising suspicions.

After all, he knew where they were going. But they weren’t there! They hadn’t left town; he would have heard. And now he had lost track of them. So he would wait.

He was still painfully hard from the bar; he had hardly been able to sit behind the wheel of his truck as he flew down the highway to her house. Now he listened to the whispering voices of the wind, imagining her voice telling him her secrets, his voice begging him to stop…and his hand lowered the zipper of his jeans, and began to stroke himself as he heard their cries and sobs, finally spurting his seed onto the ground as he heard their final screams while they drew their last breaths, together.

The truck pulled into the driveway lights flashing briefly into the small thicket where he stood. He was hidden behind the trunk of the larger tree and was confident he couldn’t be seen. He heard laughing as the couple got out of the car, one carrying what looked like leftovers and a pie.

“I’m hungry.”

“You can’t possibly be hungry. You just ate a stack of 8 pancakes and as many pieces of bacon.”

“I’m not hungry for food…” he watched as the man went to grab the woman and she skittered away from him laughing.

“Inside soldier. I’ve had enough of the outdoors for one night.”

“Aw. Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“I think you’ve got a treasure hunt in your future, soldier. Is that enough adventure for you?”

“Argh, matey…”

The woman entered the house and he heard the beeping of the entry alarm turn off. The man started to follow her in, but stopped suddenly and turned, seeming to stare right at him, even though he knew he couldn’t see him. He watched the man scan the area, returning to where he originally looked. He wondered if the man would actually come to find him hidden in the trees. But then the woman called his name, and he watched as the man gave the area another good hard stare and turned and walked into the house, locking the door behind him.


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