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While Awaiting Sunday

Warning: Adult Content. You Must Be 18 years of age or older to enjoy!

Eric centered short stories and vignettes. PWP, UST, etc. Crack fic to keep my jones fed until Sunday night comes about and I see Eric again in all his glory. Or hey, in any scene for that matter.
True Blood – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 20 – Words: 66,839 – Reviews: 413 – Updated: 8-22-10 – Published: 6-28-09 – Eric N. & Sookie S.

Beginning of the first chapter:

Title: While Awaiting Sunday
Category: TV Shows » True Blood
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/General
Published: 06-28-09, Updated: 08-22-10
Chapters: 20, Words: 66,839

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

While Awaiting Sunday…

A/N: A little fluffy piece of UST/PWP while waiting for Sunday. Just for fun, not fine literature certainly, and not even high quality writing. Just me, my Eric computer background, and my Eric screensaver passing the time until Sunday night, waiting to see Sookie slap Eric, Eric get in her face, and take her to Dallas with or without Bill. So get on with it already…

“Good evening Miss Stackhouse.” Sookie turned to face the deep unforgettable voice behind her.

Sookie took in a deep breath as she looked up at the tall blonde behind her, standing much to close for her comfort. Her automatic smile appeared because of her nervousness in the face of the oldest vampire she had ever met. Their initial meeting had been an uncomfortable one. At Fangtasia, he had summoned her over to his ‘throne’ for lack of a better word, taking in her every breath, her breasts, her hair, her body. It hadn’t been the first time she had felt undressed by a man before, but it was certainly the most erotic. And he had the nerve to do it in front of Bill! He was clearly unafraid of Bill, her first lover, her only lover, her protector. So much for protection, Bill had allowed her to be checked out like a library book to Eric’s every whim. Well, maybe not his every whim…

“Eric, this is a surprise,” Sookie’s voice shook slightly. “The new hair suits you. But the navy blue track suit…hardly the image I would think you would want to portray.”

Eric laughed slightly. “Well I am glad you noticed the hair at least. The tracksuit, well it is more comfortable than wearing tight jeans and leather all the time. And I blend better I think.”

“I wouldn’t think you would want to blend,” Sookie smiled softly, as she distractedly turned back to her clothing selection. She held a white strapless dress with a lace petticoat under it, or a strapless red dress that would wrap around her supple curves.

“If you choose either of those dresses you will certainly not blend, Sookie. Do you have a party or something to go to?”

Sookie looked up briefly at Eric and then turned her attention to back to the dresses. “I am tired of wearing shorts and t-shirts or jeans all the time. I have a little extra money this month and I want to buy something pretty. There is no party and with the exception of Merlotte’s no place to wear anything nice like these in Bon Temps. I just want to have something nice in case something comes up. It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?”

Eric looked surprised at Sookie’s unintentional confession. He softly answered her, “You could wear either of those to Fangtasia. Or surely Bill takes you nice places where you could wear them.”

Sookie snorted slightly at Eric’s reference to Bill. “Bill is in Peru as you well know Eric. And he didn’t even offer to take me with him. I’ve never been past Shreveport. As for Fangtasia Eric, my experiences there haven’t been very pleasant. The first time the place got raided and you ordered me to never come again. I’m sure you remember that. Then a few weeks later you order Bill to take me there anyway to find your stolen money and I almost get killed by a vampire and end up with Pam digging vampire out of my cleavage. Thanks but no thanks Eric. I think I will just as soon try these on, pretend to buy them and then go home to my TV set.”

“And that Sookie would be a waste. Will you let me see you in these dresses?”

Sookie looked at him suspiciously. “Why should I do that?”

“Perhaps I just want to see you in them since I may never get the chance another time.”

“Eric, you aren’t here trolling the mall for girls. Don’t you have some other reason to be here than to watch me try on clothes. I think most men would rather be anywhere else but watching their wives or girlfriends trying on clothing.”

Eric reached over and touched Sookie’s cheek softly. “Perhaps I have forgotten why I came to this place at all, and now wish only to see you in those dresses.”

Sookie smiled shyly at him, “Perhaps.”

Read the rest of the story at: Like all of my stories I’ve been transferring from, all the chapters are rolled into one *very* long single chapter. Enjoy!


One thought on “While Awaiting Sunday

  1. Duckbutt on said:

    Hi! Want to read “Waiting for Sunday” It mentioned at the top that this was 20 chapters, but the only thing that showed up here was the first chapter –didn’t have “pointers” to the other chapters. I also went to your alt site but couldn’t get anything there as well. I have to say, you do write magnificently, and can’t wait to see the other “books” to your “Paradise Within” series!

    Take care –Pat

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