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White Queen to Black Knight Chapter 06

Chapter 6

I touch your lips with mine

But in the end

I leave it to the lords

Leave it in the lap of the Gods

In the Lap of the Gods, Queen

Bruce had arranged for two of the bellboys to drive the hotel van and follow them back to the mansion to unload the car. Alina thought that would be helpful. She didn’t want to do it, Bruce undoubtedly didn’t want to either, and Alfred couldn’t get all that crap up the stairs.

They had been driving in silence for about ten minutes when they both decided to start talking at the same time.

Bruce started with, “I’m really sorry I keep…”

And Alina started with, “Did you know that…”

They looked at each other and shyly smiled. Alina looked sadly at Bruce, “Baby you go first.”

He sighed and just dove in. He was not pretending to be in control, she knew him better than he knew himself. He was just going to give it up, show his vulnerability. She knew it already. That is how she had gotten to him so fast. “Alina, since you have been back I see things in colors again. It’s been a long time since I could do that, even way before Rachel died. No one could see anything, no hints of who I was, who I am. I couldn’t keep the two separate all the time, it was just awful for me inside to go out on dates and do my ‘playboy’ thing. So anyway, I’m sorry I keep screwing up with you. I’m around you and I turn into someone else, aggressive and needy, and that isn’t how I want to treat you. You should be respected. Those photographs you let me look at, my God, they were amazing and so much more than the muck we get caught up in here in Gotham. If you stay, you will lose your vision. That creative spark will die.”

“I’ve only been here a few days, are you already trying to send me away?”

“NO! No, Alina I want you to stay for mostly selfish reasons and some because I think you can help Batman. Even if I thought I could take a higher ground, I couldn’t. I want you to stay absolutely, without doubt. But I fear for your talent. But maybe we can go on trips and I can journey with you.”

“I think I would like that. But in the meantime Bruce, I came back to help. That whole journey you viewed while I packed was to become the person I am today so I can help clean up Gotham. Some of that journey had to look familiar to you. I saw your face when you saw the sword. You have been there. The difference is that I am willing to kill, whereas Batman is not. Tonight, after dinner maybe with some wine I’ll go through those pictures and tell you the story. Batman is The Dark Knight, maybe I am the White Queen. The Queen trounces all.”

“Do I scare you because I am so twisted inside?”

“Bruce, you are far from twisted. You are complicated, but aren’t we all? It is what makes us able to do what we have to do. You do not scare me. Batman does not scare me. I have nothing to fear from either of you. Greatness sometimes requires a division of focus, of thought processes, and you can do that. I have much the same training as you, have probably seen more true evil around the world, certainly I am willing to commit more evil to prevent worse, but because I am willing to openly struggle with tough subjects like good and evil and not keep it all bottled up, it is easier for me to be the complex person I am meant to be. Perhaps as hiding my identity becomes a larger challenge as it has for you the struggle will be more difficult, assuming Batman ever lets me out to play. But what does frighten me Bruce, is that if I have been sent back here to help you, to pull you back from the edge, what happens if I fail? Failure where you are concerned terrifies me. Can I tell you something else I realized when I was waiting in the car at the hotel?”


“The man who almost took me on the dojo mat this morning, so close and yet so far, was Bruce Wayne. The man who aggressively pinned me in the elevator was Batman. The man who ravaged my hair, my lips, my breast in the hotel room was Batman. It’s not the costume that makes the man, it’s the man. I can tell the difference by your touch, your kiss, even your smell. I have nothing to fear from either man, and am happy to oblige either or both. It is sort of like being in a kinky three way. But I will not be used as a temporary sex measure. You cannot play with me, either of you. I was sent here for a reason—to save you from yourself and I will fulfill that purpose. But that purpose does not automatically include sex. I want for us to make love, I want us to fuck until we are blind, I want you to make me pass out from so many powerful orgasms, and I want you to come deep inside of me all night and all day. But I do not want any more of what we had today. Kiss me on the forehead, or if you are seeking a more physical, emotional attachment, kiss me good night at my bedroom door. If you need to talk after you get back from your nightly sojourns, the door will be unlocked. But do not molest me, or disrespect me by starting something you cannot finish again. Three times in one day is too much to bear. Do not take from me again.”

“You are right. It won’t happen again, until it is time. And there will be the right time, Alina, and you will wear that satin nightgown. And I don’t know if one or both of us will come to your bed, but we will come out of love.”

They had been sitting in the truck with the bellboys standing behind them waiting to open the back door, but they had to finish their talk, and they had, so Alina opened her door and left Bruce to handle everything else. She took her photos to the kitchen, where she thought they might be safest under Alfred’s watchful eye. She invited him to look at them if he wanted, then grabbed a juice and left. She took the elevator down two floors to the shooting range. She lined up some targets at a challenging distance and fired away. She even got the sniper’s rifle out and shot several holes in the poor metal target’s head. Some of her adrenalin spent, she gathered the cleaning supplies, sat at the table and chairs and proceeded to empty, clean, and reload each and every gun, along with her rifle. When Bruce found her, she was putting the guns back where they went. She looked sideways at him, calmer then she had been all day.

“You found me.”

“Your car was still here, granted one could get lost in this place, but I thought you might go where you were most comfortable.”

“Guns and sniper’s rifle are all clean and reloaded, but not chambered. Used targets are over there. I wasn’t sure what you did with them, or where the new ones are.”

Bruce looked at the targets. He could almost line up all the targets and have the holes line up as well. A few were slightly off, but it demonstrated incredible marksmanship and he told her.

“Bruce, I shoot to kill every time. An injured target can always get up again and cause you or others danger. A dead one is just dead.”

He smiled at her warmly, invitingly even, and she looked at him confused. “What?”

“Your stunning ensemble is now covered in gun cleaning solution and gun powder.”

She looked down at her lovely crème outfit that was now ruined. Gun cleaning oil did not do well on linen. “I will have to shop soon. I hate it with a passion, but I cannot travel everywhere in jeans, nor would I want to. Hmm, I guess another shower is in order, and yet another set of clothes. Will dinner and after dinner be casual or should I dress? Are you going out or am I going to tell you about the pictures?”

“You should definitely dress. Neither my heart nor my body could take anything else, but I think those jeans and the tank top you had on earlier would be fine. Batman will be staying home tonight. I would like to hear about your pictures instead.”

It was her turn to look deep into his eyes and see what was meant. “Your heart? I see. We shall look at pictures then, actually since I get paid ridiculous sums of money for them and they end up in museums, they are called photographs, portraits even.”

“Photographs or portraits then. I want to hear your journey, my White Queen.

“And I yours, my Black Knight. But what about Alina Witter and Bruce Wayne? They are the heart of everything. It is their journey not the Black Knight or the White Queen. The Black Knight and White Queen are the result of the stronger pairs’ journeys.”

The elevator dinged on the main level. As they stepped out, Bruce looked at her sideways, “And the beautiful Queen gives her mere servant yet more to think about. Dinner will be ready at 6:00.”

Alina shook her head slightly at Bruce and walked slowly off towards the stairs that led to her room. She didn’t look forward to unpacking everything, but most had been done already. A note on the bathroom mirror,

I know you have had a long and troubling day. You are so very necessary here and to him. He knows it, but he just does not know how to show it. He does not want to be vulnerable to anyone, whether he is Bruce Wayne or Batman. Please don’t give up on us. I took the liberty of starting most of the unpacking but left some more personal items to you. Dinner is at 6:00. I go to bed around 8:00 these days, so the two of you will have some time alone. Alfred.”

What a sweet man, always, always thinking of Bruce first, and then to think of her at all was just really nice. She was suddenly so tired. She hopped quickly into the shower, not bothering with her hair. She pulled the lace corset back on with some black lounge pants, pulled her hair into a ponytail and thought to lie down for just a moment. The dreams started. The dreams were never good. Bruce was there, Batman was there, they were fighting, dueling actually. Time flashed backwards and Bruce was a younger teenager brokenhearted again by Rachel. And there was Alina, sought after constantly but only desiring one. The dream was half truths half lies, but she couldn’t stand Bruce left with a broken heart again. She woke up as Batman killed Bruce and she cried out his name as she woke up. Bruce was sitting beside her bed, trying to wake her from the nightmare he found her in. Somehow he knew the dream. He knew what it was about. He lay down next to her, holding Alina while she cried. She kept trying to explain it to him, but he kept saying he already knew.

“Alina, I have the same dream. Batman kills Bruce over Rachel. If I had just chosen you, even though you were everyone else’s choice too, then with you standing with me Batman cannot destroy me. He is a part of me, but he does not destroy me. The dream makes sense now. I was trying to make it make sense with Rachel as the Queen. But she could never be my queen. That is only for you.”

“You understand. You know what I was trying to say at the elevator.”

“Yeah, I got it baby. I understand. I know I have to open both myself and Batman to you so we can all grow stronger. Vulnerability is not a strong suit, but with your help, and maybe your love, we can do it. You are the key to our ultimate power. The White Queen trumps everything and everyone.” He started to lean over her to kiss her swollen lips and tear filled eyes, but then thought better and maybe he should ask.

“Alina, can I kiss you? I want to kiss your swollen lips, I’ll be gentle not rough like before. I want to kiss the tears from your eyes. I only want to comfort you and take comfort from you.” Bruce was so careful, his lips barely brushed her skin but could taste the salt. He was just glad he had not been the cause of these tears, this time.

She felt his tenderness and pulled him towards her lips closer, wanting more. “Alina, what do you want? You said nothing more, no more making out without finishing what we started.”

“I guess I want more, I need more. Let me clean up and go to dinner and then after dinner we will start to tell our tales. And I want more. Can you give me more? You aren’t ready to make love, but what are you ready for Bruce?”

“I’m ready for it all, Alina. Maybe tonight you should wear the satin nightgown.”

She smiled a very predatory smile, and that deep seductive voice. “Is this going to be a twosome or threesome? Do you know yet?”

“You keep using that voice, and you are going to get the whole ball of wax.”

She smiled even more predatorily. “Oh yeah. Not too long of a night boys because I have to face the Joker and Harvey in the morning. But I’m game for either or both of you.”

“Dinner is on the table. You need to get cleaned up, but before you leave my arms, I want to let you know that I love you and I need you. We are the pair that wins or loses the game. Pull me back from the edge, Alina. Pull me back with your love, with your heart.” Alina smiled and ran one of her well manicured nails down his face to his lips, leaned in to kiss him, breathing in his temporary vulnerability, his love, his deep need for her to complete him. She gently broke away from him and left the bed to repair the dream’s damage. She left her hair down because she knew he liked it that way. She repaired what little makeup she had on, spritzed her perfume, slipped on some graceful black slippers and returned to the bedroom, not sure if Bruce would still be there. He was still lying on the bed with one arm over his eyes resting. He knew the instant she returned to the room and moved his arm and opened his eyes simultaneously.

She looked at him sympathetically. “Tired?”

He sat up slowly on the bed and swung around to the edge. “Yeah. I think I got my ass handed to me a couple of times today. I fell in love. A pretty big day for me. Making billion dollar deals just doesn’t stack up.”

She smiled carefully, “Let’s go eat and maybe we make it an early night. Tomorrow is a big day, and a dangerous one. We cannot lose sight of that, Bruce. Both of our senses and skills have to be in top form.”

He let her outstretched hand pull him off the bed, leaned down to kiss her quickly, and led her out of her new quarters and down to the kitchen, where Alfred waited.


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