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White Queen to Black Knight Chapter 08

Drink Me
Aegis Strife

Chapter 8

Caviar and cigarettes

Well versed in etiquette

Extraordinarily nice

Killer Queen, Queen

Bruce led Alina into the main family room. It had a hearth she could stand in, beautiful overstuffed leather furniture, soft lighting provided by assorted Tiffany lamps. He set the wine and glasses on the table and left her sitting on the sofa while he went to turn on some music. She smiled and poured the wine into the glasses for them. He rejoined her on the sofa, laying his tall and dense frame filling the sofa and pushing her off if she didn’t join him by lying beside him. She giggled at him as she easily repositioned herself.

“That’s really subtle Master Wayne. Either you push me off the sofa or I have to lie beside you. You are a naughty boy. Is this your standard mode of operation?”

“Yeah, years of practice of trying to get girls to make out with me.”

“Trying? As I recall past and present, you never had to work at it too hard.”

Bruce lay on his side with Alina’s body pressed against his. He let his hand run through her hair, what she called his precious hair. It was his precious hair on her body. Everything about her was precious to him.

His teasing voice was gone and a serious one replaced it. “Are all the stories that go with those pictures that scary? That dramatic?”

“No, Bruce. I picked a particularly dangerous and scary situation to make a point. There have been a lot of times where my beauty worked for me, and others it worked against me. There were a lot of pictures that were hard to take, just because of the sheer inhumanity of it. And others, like Bush and Cheney won’t end up in the final draft of the magazine. It is hard to call the former President and Vice President evil. It is one thing on the web, another in a magazine like Vanity Fair.”

“But Vanity Fair was one of the first to break the story about the Iraq war lies shortly after the war broke out. Maybe they’ll have the balls to publish your entire piece. Of course, I just read the magazine for the ads, stay caught up on the best in clothing attire, that sort of thing.”

“It is useful for that. I like all the perfume samples, even if I have mine personally made. Maybe you are right about Vanity Fair and they will publish the article as written. Will I get to take a picture of Batman?”

“I don’t think so.”

“What about Bruce Wayne? The work your foundation does is brilliant. It saves millions of lives a year.”

“What about Alina Witter? The fearless globetrotting photographer, life saving ghost, and assassin, she should be in there on the side of justice, of good.”

“Definitely not. I rather liked my anonymity when I returned until I started hanging out with you. Hard to stay under the radar anywhere near you.”

“I think she doth protest too much. You bought that bright cherry red Lamborghini. That is hardly subtle. At least mine is just blue. Or what about that dress you wore to my house that first day. The back…” Bruce took his finger running it slowly through the laces of her corset all the way to where her tailbone ended, “dropped all the way to here. You could not even have worn a thong with that dress, must have been thigh highs and no panties at all. No attention seeking going on there. Nope, not at all.”

Alina laughed at being called out. “I could have had anyone, and only wanted you. You only wanted Rachel. You always blew me off, always. I figure you never even knew I was gone when I left for Switzerland. I guess this time, when I came calling, I wanted to make sure I got, and held your attention.” Their bodies pressed together as they were, she could feel his hardened staff through the jeans he had on. She hadn’t even used the voice yet.

“And do you think you have my attention Alina?”

She turned on the voice, “Oh baby, I think I have some of your attention. I’m pretty sure I can hold the attention that I do have. But I want your undivided attention, and that I do not have.”

Bruce smirked as he pulled her against him where there was nothing being hidden. Bruce was enormous, wide, thick and long. Her breathing sped up at the thought. “I would say my attention is undivided Alina. I want you, we want you, all of you, forever.”

“Forever is a very long time, Bruce. Batman and the White Queen cannot go on forever. They have a limited lifespan before someone else must be chosen to pick up the mantle. Alina and Bruce, they could go on for a very long time, have children, be safe.”

“Harvey Dent told me once, before he went crazy, ‘You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.’ I already think I might be a villain. Maybe it will be time to recognize my limits like Alfred is always telling me. You and me together as the Black Knight and his White Queen for a while, and then move on with our lives before we become the evil we fight.”

Alina didn’t twitch a muscle, didn’t use the voice, used no other means to get the answer she wanted. It had to be a truthful answer, not a manipulated one. “Bruce, will the Black Knight be able to sacrifice himself for the greater couple of Bruce and Alina, put down his mantle even if there is no one to pick it up, to live a normal life? Will he have the courage when the time comes?”

“Will his Queen have the courage to tell him when the time has come?”

She smiled at him, love shining in her eyes she answered him with a kiss. “I have the courage, baby. I don’t scare easy, even by you. But will you be able to do it when I ask?”

“I won’t kid you and say it will be easy. But I will follow your lead. You spoke of children. You want to have my children?” He unconsciously pulled her even closer to him, like he was trying to draw her body into his.

“Of course I want to have your children. That is what I have done all of this for. I had choices, bad things could have happened, Batman could have been killed before I finished my training, my projects. But I now have my background, my cover, my own money, and the abilities to be your partner, your lover, and some day to have your children.”

She touched his mind lightly to hear his thoughts and then he felt her in his head, feeling like a feather brushing against his thoughts. “You’re reading my thoughts.” He sounded curious.

Yes, for the first time I am in your head. And I feel you in mine too. We can strengthen this bond and talk over long distances. We can tell each other how we feel, we can show each other what we want, we can just be with each other.”

He smirked, and painted a very graphic picture of what he wanted to be doing to her right that minute in her head. Her eyes got large with surprise, and her feminine center went wet immediately. Her breathing sped up, as did Bruce’s. He was now rock hard, and ready to burst through his button-fly jeans. She could hear his mind growling with a predatory need to have her, over and over again. Her voice squeaked out a very surprised, “You are a very quick study.”

Her throat went dry and she started to wiggle out of his hold on her. She painted him an equally graphic picture of what she wanted from him. Once her feet hit the floor in her escape she ran up the stairs, throwing herself into her room. She could tell he was stopping by the kitchen for bottled water while she changed clothes. She pulled the silk nightgown over her head, brushed her hair until is shined, spritzed herself with her perfume and quickly brushed her teeth and applied lipstick. He meandered, the only word for his intentional slowness, from the kitchen with an ice bucket and bottled waters up the stairs to her room. While he was lollygagging around, she lit candles, turned on the music, and turned down the bed. In her head, she voiced to him, “A little slow on the uptake baby. Better hurry it up before I fall asleep or lose interest.”

You aren’t going to lose interest. And I need to shower. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

You, Master Wayne, are a fucking tease. I’m going to see what is on TV. I’ll probably be asleep by the time you get here.”

She heard him laugh in her head and was pleased. He sounded so happy instead of so grim all the time.


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