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Memory Collector by Aegis-Strife


 I write about characters and shows that I love.  No, I lie. I write about shows and male characters I love. I obsess. Over the years I can remember Keanu Reeves in Speed, Mark Harmon in NCIS, Jason Dohring in Moonlight, Christian Bale in Dark Knight and oh, so many others. These obsessions can be short-lived or over the course of seasons. Anyone can tell what and who my current obsession is by the stories I am writing. I’m not terribly clever that way. My infatuations are focused on the character the actor plays. It is truly a rare event that the craving carries over to anything else the actor might have done.  But fortunately, once the infatuation is lost, it’s gone…much to the relief of everyone. 🙂   

My current obsession du jour is Alexander Skarsgard. I became aware of him as an actor in True Blood, and even as my disappointment with True Blood has continued to increase, I still can’t quit watching just in case they actually do something with his character, Eric Northman. But he has been great in so many other films and his performance in Generation Kill was very very good.   

Anyway, these obsessions stir the muse into writing…and my writing has most decidedly explicit adult content. Not all of my stories are NC-17 rated, but 95% are and should be read only by adults over the age of 18. I have a warning on each story as well as here in the entry page, so please…if you are not of age to read truly mature content, then skip the adventure until you are older.   


2 thoughts on “My Stories

  1. Do you still have NCIS fiction, especially Gibbs ;-D

  2. Patty on said:

    Hope to see some true blood

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