Stumbling Towards Ecstasy

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The Claiming of Sookie Stackhouse

Because don't we all wish we had lost 'it' to Eric?


Eric captures Sookie’s heart, takes her virginity, and teaches her all those wonderful things that can come after.  If you’ve been around 1000 years, you have a lot of ‘tricks’ up your sleeve!

This story is ‘in-progress.’ Be sure to request to stay updated, at

7 thoughts on “The Claiming of Sookie Stackhouse

  1. hope you post it here eventually

  2. Rachell on said:

    This is such a good story. Will you be continuing it?

  3. Love the story

  4. Great fic… looking forward to more

  5. I just love this story. Still One of my favs. All the best ~ April

  6. ¿Cuando sigues? Dioooosss…. Adoro tus historieatas, de veras… Te Adoooroooo Musaaaa… inspirame tambien!!!!

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