Stumbling Towards Ecstasy

Creativity dedicated to the Heart, Mind, and Soul

White Queen to Black Knight Chapter 04

Chapter 4

My Goddess hear my darkest fear

I speak too late

It’s for evermore that I wait

Dear friend, goodbye

No tears in my eyes

So sad it ends

As it began

White Queen, Queen

She tossed her heavy bag to Bruce and headed for the elevator. He hung the bag down his back and followed her carefully. She hadn’t given him a response, and he had been much more open about his feelings then his usual reticent self.

He finally realized how heavy the bag was. “Is there anything in here you need to go to the hotel, or can I just leave the arms and such down here?”

“What, too heavy for you Bruce?” she pouted at him.

He smirked at her shaking his head. “I’m leaving the bag here.”

“I have clothes in there to change into. Not stuff to go gallivanting around Gotham with the playboy of the town, but good enough to be the 2nd richest person in Gotham and not give a damn. If I’m moving in here, I would like to shower and change before we go retrieve my stuff.”

“Why am I carrying the bag? You are plenty strong enough to do it yourself.” They entered the elevator for the two story ride up.

“Nice of you to notice baby. But I beat your ass two out of three “games”, you got all my clothes off, and then had no follow through. You can carry my bags until I tell you otherwise.” Her voice was even deeper and softer than usual. Bruce still carried his flag at full mast and it wasn’t going down anytime soon. She played him like a Stradivarius, they both knew it, and he didn’t care.

Bruce dropped the bag and aggressively backed her in a corner of the elevator. The look in his eyes was greedy and predatory. She was not scared but she was definitely turned on. The smell of their sweat mixed with their sexual scents filled the elevator. She never broke eye contact but she also stopped talking. This was his turn and she was giving it to him. He pressed his body forcefully against hers, pinning her arms behind her which she didn’t fight. He approached her face, bringing his lips close to hers but not touching. He reached over without looking and hit the elevator stop switch, stopping the elevator and dimming the lights. He continued to toy with her like a cat with a mouse, moving in for a kiss, pulling back without touching her. She was bearing the brunt of his entire weight, which was much more dense then she would have imagined. Finally, like the cat after the mouse, he ruthlessly assaulted her mouth, so ready for him, opening immediately for his plunder. He kissed her like she had never been kissed before. His tongue raped her mouth and she returned the favor. Their two bodies were melting together. She started to fight the pinning of her arms. She wanted to touch him, run her fingers through his hair. He broke their kiss without moving his lips away.

“You know you can’t get away. You don’t even want to get away.” His smugness pissed her off again and before he knew it she had pounded her boot against his barefoot insole and brought her knee up into his groin, especially painful due to his extended balls and very enlarged dick. He immediately released her.

“I wanted you to let me go so I could touch you, stroke you, feel you, you arrogant bastard. Then you made me hurt you.” She slammed the elevator start button, and he was still slightly bent over.

“You don’t play fair baby.” His voice was hoarse, but he was very pleased that she had bested him again. She would be able to play in his world and while he would worry, she was no damsel in distress.

“If I played fair I would have been raped and tortured in the Congo, as well as half a dozen other places. Next time I ask nicely, do what I ask.” They were still arguing as they got off the elevator, not even seeing Alfred standing nearby. “Given the position we were in, it was unlikely anything bad would have happened, and maybe even something very very good. That is twice today you fucked up Bruce. Are you sure you want me to move in here? What kind of a playboy are you anyway?”

Bruce took charge again, even though the pain from his kneeing was still evident, as was his hard-on. “Yes, you are moving in here. Alfred I’d like Alina in the rooms next to mine. And I am the kind of playboy who plays at being a playboy and obviously doesn’t know what to do with a woman like you. You don’t want my money, you are not impressed with me in general, you don’t hang on my every word, you are sure as hell not excessive in your praise. That is how other women are around me. You are not. You have almost as much money as I do, you bested me two out of three of our little games, you can actually talk to me about important and meaningful things like good and evil. You have my head spinning and my dick hard as a rock since you came home. Well, now that you are home, you are going to be living at home, not in some hotel.”

Through his whole frustrated one sided conversation, he had been hauling her heavy bag upstairs behind Alfred while she had listened carefully to everything he said. “That might be more words then I have heard you say since I’ve been back. And I would only change one statement, Bruce. I am very impressed with you in countless ways, both of you.” She pulled his arm at the top of the stairs to stop him. “I will live here with you, and we will probably make each other crazy, but ultimately we are meant to be together. I can keep up with you and him. You aren’t alone anymore, baby. I came home for you.” She leaned up to him and gently brushed her bruised lips across his.

He returned the kiss gently and carefully after how rough he had been earlier. “I am so glad you came home. Thank you. Let’s shower and change and go get the rest of your stuff. Ok?”

She smiled at him, a smile that lighted her eyes as well as his, and then she reached behind him and took the bag herself. “You don’t have to carry all the weight any more baby. I’ll be ready in half an hour.”


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