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Writers and Their Workspace



Another interesting Opinionator blog in the New York Times today, The Lure of the Writer’s Cabin, by David Wood. Mr. Wood speaks eloquently to where writer’s write, the places where writers can be at their most creative, be it in the middle of the woods in a minimalist cabin, or as he claims Sartre did,  where the busyness of cafe white noise gave him the silence he required for his own Muse to speak.

I read of writers who ‘close the door’ when they write, and when their day is complete they are able to walk away from their creative endeavors. One woman I was speaking with on Saturday said that when it was time for her to write as opposed to work on marketing her book, she merely slid down to another computer in another part of her office and switched gears. Oh! To be able to do just that!

The Author's Workspace

The Author’s Workspace

Alas, my workspace is also the family calendaring space, the family organizing space, the boy scout space, the place for all lost papers/items….  Post weekend, my desk right now is covered in express scripts forms, boy scout book, projects and calendar, receipts and coupons, return labels, pictures, books, romance writer’s group workshops, doctor’s information, Scrivener how-to, and even a stray earring my son found and proudly returned to me. Ack!  I’m pretty organized and by this afternoon it will be cleared off. But my writing space is so much more than just a space for writing. It is the communication hub of our family as well.

I like to think I would love to be blessed with a cabin in the woods with no internet connection, left alone to only write. Wake up to the birds singing outside my window, walk in the woods and think out my plot, and talk to my characters. Yes, that does sound like a dream.

But my reality is that I live in a house with two active boys and a busy husband. My writing space is what it is, and is unlikely to become some separate room that is only mine, where I don’t share it with a kitchen, a television, and a busy family room. So I have a computer, noise cancelling headphones, my music, and a rather fussy Muse.

No, my big challenge is not my workspace, but battling Resistance, with a capital ‘R.’

More about Resistance in my next post.

What is your writing workspace like? Do you need seclusion? Do you even want seclusion? Or are noise cancelling headphones enough?



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