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Lemon JAM Chapter 4

Lover’s Loving

My first, my last, my everything,
And the answer to all my dreams.
You’re my sun, my moon, my guiding star.
My kind of wonderful, that’s what you are.
I know there’s only, only one like you
There’s no way they could have made two.
You’re, you’re all I’m living for
Your love I’ll keep for evermore.
You’re the first, my last, my everything.

You’re My Everything, Barry White

Sam sat in his truck outside Jules’ house for ten minutes before getting out and heading to the door. He was actually nervous. Had he ever been nervous about a date before? He didn’t think so… he was pretty sure the answer was no. Girls were never an area he had worried about. Since second grade they had thrown themselves at him. While he had hated the idea of girls and definitely avoided ‘cooties’ in elementary school, girls had giggled and written their names or initials on their desks. Later it was graffiti on their folders while they passed little triangular ‘love’ notes to him across the room during class. He wondered idly if his name or initials were still carved on bathroom walls, desks or lockers with so-and-so –hearts Sam Braddock. He had been one of those jerk jocks that girls just could not get enough of. He never understood it. But from the moment he met Jules, she had definitely shifted his world. She didn’t tolerate his arrogance. He had to actually work to get her to pay any positive attention to him at all, to get to know her even in the slightest, and finally after months of earning her respect and even her affection, she had actually agreed to a date and he was nervous. He wanted to be with her more than any woman before, because he had never bothered to care this much about anyone else before.

Jules heard two quick raps and closed her bedroom door before heading towards the sound. Her room was a mess. She must have changed clothes more than a dozen times. She tried on every nice outfit she had. She didn’t want to be too dressed up. But she didn’t want to be too casual. She wanted to look feminine, especially since she always had to dress in what amounted to a masculine uniform at work. But she didn’t want to look to sexy either. She wasn’t sure what the night would bring and wanted to keep her options open. It was harder to figure out than she thought. She had ended up buying something completely new, something completely different than anything she had ever worn before, and even then she wasn’t sure it was the right thing. She couldn’t remember when she had spent so much time getting ready for a date before. She had just never cared enough before.

She took a deep breath and opened the door, finding Sam standing there in black slacks with pleats and cuffs, a blue button down shirt and sweater that matched his eyes perfectly. His constantly present 5 o’clock beard was gone and his hair had been styled to look casually ruffled. The blue shirt and sweater stretched against his large chest deepened his already dark blue eyes. He was always attractive, but now, he was absolutely striking. He looked like he had just stepped out of a page in GQ. This guy wanted to go out with her? More than that, he was crazy about her for some reason. He could have anyone and yet here he stood on her porch waiting to take her to dinner. Jules swallowed hard and took a deep breath

“Hi,” she managed to choke out, as she stepped aside to let him in.

Sam felt his heart start to race as soon as the door opened. He had always thought she was beautiful, even after an impossible day of climbing through tunnels, sitting on roofs, facing rioters, whatever the day would bring. But the woman who stood before him now… she was exquisite. She wore a black dress, or maybe it was a skirt and blouse, he wasn’t sure, that draped her body. As she led him into her house, he watched the skirt sway, flaring from her lower hips and reaching almost to her ankles, met by some strappy high heeled sandals. The black blouse had sheer sleeves and was almost backless, exposing her smooth skin and the top of a hidden tattoo that was inked across her lower back. He wanted to trace his tongue along the outline of the curves of the artwork. When she turned to face him, he saw that the front of the blouse was square cut with the sheer material from the sleeves covering the very top part of the blouse, exposing nothing, but leaving much to hope for. He thought the contrast between the hidden front and revealing back was extremely sexy. She was dressed so completely different from anything he ever would have expected from Jules Callaghan, he was surprised, and pleased. He would have been regardless what she was wearing, but wow, she was a knock-out. She’d gone to a lot of effort, and he appreciated it. He licked his lips and walked towards her, slowly reaching his hand out to touch her hair. Her usual layered and curled locks were straightened and pulled into a long, shiny ponytail that hung over her right shoulder. She didn’t move as his hand touched her hair and he ran his finger down the length of her locks.

When he reached the end of her hair, he backed away slightly and looked into her eyes. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured.

Her face lit up and she ducked her head shyly, and then lifted it again. “Thank you Sam.”

He cleared his throat nervously, “Maybe we should get going? We have reservations in half an hour.”

“Great! I’ll get my wrap,” she said as she walked to the closet.

“Seems a tragedy to cover up the view,” Sam teased.

Jules turned back to him, handing him the light wrap, letting him help her into it. “I’m looking forward to tonight.”

They sat at in a small booth that had privacy curtains that blocked the view of other patrons. It wasn’t a special booth; it was the way the whole restaurant was designed. L’Amore was a restaurant that catered to couples, small booths blocked from prying eyes by curtains, a dance floor, excellent wine list, and highly ranked food. The ambiance was created by candles and violins, discreet staff, and it was considered one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. Jules wondered how Sam was going to afford all this but wasn’t going to let that ruin their evening. He would have a plan. She was not going to doubt him.

They sat side by side enjoying the wine, the conversation, and companionship. After dinner, Jules suggested a dance.

“Come on, Sam,” Jules pulled him towards the dance floor. The music was all slow, drowsy and romantic… requiring little skill but holding each other close and not stepping on toes.

Sam had his hands against Jules’ bare back, his rough thumbs slightly stroking along her spine. Her hands wrapped around his neck toying with the tiny hair at the back of his neck.

Sam smiled slightly, his eyes twinkling, “You know why the Baptists don’t have sex?”

Jules smirked, “Why?”

“It could lead to dancing.”

Jules snorted lightly at the joke as they continued to sway. The theme to The Godfather came on and she began to sing the words as the music carried them away…

Speak softly love and hold me warm against your heart

I feel your words the tender trembling moments start.

Her voice was soft and true, her eyes never leaving his.

“I didn’t know you could sing,” Sam whispered as she continued to sing. Her eyes glowed as she continued.

We’re in a world our very own, sharing a love that only few have ever known.

Wine colored days warmed by the sun, deep velvet nights when we are one.

Speak softly love, so no one hears us but the sky.

The vows of love we make will live until we die.

My life is yours and all because you came into my world with love so softly love.

As the music began to die off, Jules lifted her lips to Sam’s and whispered against them, “I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Sam Braddock.”

“I’ve forgotten it already,” he uttered as he closed the distance between them, joining them in a gentle kiss, pulling her tightly to him, feeling their bodies pressed against each other, imagining what it would be like when there would be nothing to separate them. But not yet.

“Come ‘ere,” this time it was Sam pulling Jules off the dance floor returning them to their booth, closing the curtains tightly behind him.

Her eyes squinted at him suspiciously. “What are you doing?” as he pulled her into his lap.

She looked around nervously as if they were going to be walked in on. She settled her legs on either side of his thighs and pulled her skirt so she wasn’t sitting on it. “Sam this is a really bad idea…” she trailed off as he took one hand in his and the other touched her bare back, causing her to arch her back towards him.

“Yeah, it is” he agreed. “Relax Jules. No one is going to bother us. That’s what curtains are for.”

“And you know this because you’ve been here before?” she asked, her brows arched suspiciously.

“No. I know this because that is what curtains are for. Relax.”

Sam brought her hand to his lips and whispered her name across her palm sending a shiver down her spine. He leaned towards her and brushed his lips against hers lightly, just barely touching her, his tongue giving the lightest stroke before pulling away.

Without taking his eyes from hers he brought a finger to his lips and lightly bit the pad, and then licked against it, his teeth scraped it and sucked just the tip, watching her eyes soften and bite her lip while she watched him make love to her fingers.

Before he moved to the next finger, he murmured, “You…”

And he took another finger, softly tasting it, nipping at the pad, pulling it into his mouth, never taking his eyes from hers, loving the way her face had gone slack and her eyelids drooped into a veil as she watched him.

Her hips moved slightly, rubbing herself against him and his hand on her back instantly stilled her. “Don’t move. Just listen.”

She whimpered, but stopped moving. Her body wanted to move, needed to move. She burned and she could feel how wet she was getting. “Sam, your pants…I’m going to… there’s going to be…” she was too shy to say it. He nodded and just kept going. “Just listen.”


The next finger he sucked all the way down to her knuckle, dragging his tongue back up, nipping and kissing along the way. “…My…”

She was pretty sure this was the most erotic sensation she had ever experienced and Sam was just touching her fingers. Jules squirmed in her seat, squeezing her thighs against his hard outer ones, wanting to relieve the burning between her legs. She felt him growing solid beneath her. He was hot and hungry, just as she was. She reached under her skirt, reaching for him, trying to touch him, and he stopped her again, shaking his head.

He’d reached her last finger, and was pulling away to finish what he was telling her. “…Everything…”

Both of his hands went behind her, holding her body still, his hands cupping her ass, unwilling to let her move until she had heard what he had to say. God help him, she had on a thong. He swallowed hard and kept his eyes on her. “Jules,” he whispered, “you are my everything.”

Jules made a sound that was something between a gasp and a sob, unable to say anything more than that. Instead of trying to speak she lifted the hands wrapped them around Sam’s neck.  “Sam,” she gasped as she seized his mouth, their lips and tongues colliding against each other tasting, touching, grasping. Sam’s hands climbed to her back stroking her bare skin, alternating between light touching and stronger caresses.

Jules began to move against Sam, her hips moving slowly against his, rubbing the length of him, while he kissed and nipped at her neck as she lost herself in the sensation. Jules once again reached blindly between them, reaching for the unseen belt she knew was there, grasping for what she knew would give relief to this growing need between them.

Sam stopped her once again, breathing hard. “No. Not here. Not like this.”

Jules opened her eyes in surprise. They were full of passion, of lust, “Let’s go then.”

“Not yet.”

Her mouth opened, shocked. “If not now, when?”

“Let’s have a little dessert,” Sam smirked at Jules’ glare. He was going to enjoy this.

“Dessert sounds great, let’s go.”

“We’ll start dessert here.”

“Sam…” Jules whispered confused as he leaned forward and began to kiss her neck. She bent to the side giving him more access.

She felt his hand slowly reach under her skirt, stroking the soft skin as he went.

His whispered breath brushed across her skin, describing just what dessert would be. “I’d start with this thong, just tear it away, something like this…”  she felt him wrap the tiny string around his finger and heard it snap, knowing as he dragged his hand slowly back up the thong was coming to, twisted in his fingers.

“Sam,” she whispered, out of breath. “We should go….”  It wasn’t just a ‘should go,’ it was a ‘need to go.’

He had not actually touched her, but as he pulled her panties up he held them to his nose and took a long inhale. “You smell so good. I bet you’ll feel so good.”

Jules unhurriedly ground her hips against him again, pushing to position her entrance over his tip, despite the layer of pants between them. She held his eyes as she moved up and down riding him slowly, pressure and release, pressure and release. It was her turn to tease. She wanted to go, but Sam seemed to want to play before they played. She understood the game now. He was driving her crazy, she could make him crazy too. She watched as Sam’s mouth opened slightly and his eyes became unfocused.

Sam licked his lips and groaned before continuing his recipe for dessert, his voice full of gravel, “You’d be slick, hot, tight. I’d push in, just a little at first then move further in, feeling every hollow and ridge, mapping each one. Slow, letting you get used to me. You’re small, tight. And I don’t want to hurt you.”

Sam leaned toward her, kissing her along her neck and up her jawline to her lips, open mouth, his tongue tracing patterns as he went. “Finally, after a long slow glide, you’d gasp when I hit your cervix and I’d pull back out, taking my time, coming almost all the way out, then sliding back in, skimming over your clit as I push all the way back in nice and slow, making you cry out as I take you over and over again until you scream my name.” Jules prolonged her slow grind against him, her head thrown back while Sam continued to give his breathless description of what would come next.

Jules thought she might faint. Her breath was fast and she was crushing herself against Sam now. While it might have been barely relieving some of her need temporarily, it could not have been helping him at all.  They were both panting, riding the slow wave of their heady pleasure and pain mixed together, lips joined together, moans captured in the others mouths, until Jules finally broke away.

Breathing hard, she gathered her skirt and climbed back onto her side of the seat. “Game over, Sam. Get the check.”

Sam exhaled and blinked several times, sitting up and trying to find a comfortable position again. “Roger that,” he gasp, reaching for his wallet while Jules headed for the ladies’ room.

*Speak Softly Love is the theme song to The Godfather I, II, and III, music by Nina Rota and words by Larry Kusik.


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