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The Bold and the Beautiful…Art

By Kubicki at


Artwork I use here on this site, as well as other’s that I’ve found that evoke mood and emotion. Most have been found at

Drink Me by Aegis Strife


I Don't Want Those Eyes by ImperfectFleur


Memories Collector by Aegis Strife


I Can Hate You by Aegis Strife


Woman in the Smoke by Carolett at


You Promised Me a Symphony by Aegis Strife











2 thoughts on “The Bold and the Beautiful…Art

  1. Morrigan28 on said:

    Beautiful, would like to be able to get a better look at some of them, but don’t seem to be able to enlarge them? Think my fave today is Violently Happy – although Woman In The Smoke? Hmm.
    Great job on the site, I’m impressed! When you say it only took you a few hours, was that few as in 3, or few as in 12?!
    Catch you soon, Traff x

    • Hey Traff-
      The pics are the size I could download from, so in most cases I couldn’t adjust the size. Maybe if you look on the deviantart site, you can find the pieces and see them in full size.

      My personal favorite is the photograph by ImperfectFleur. there is so much emotion…awful terrible emotion, but still…communicated in that single black and white picture.

      I was more than a little manic by the time I finished the site. And yes, it was quite a bit more than 3, even more than 12. But, I learned ALOT, and now that I’ve done it, I don’t think it would be so hard next time.

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