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Moonlight was a TV show that was cancelled way before its time. I thought Josef Kostan was a wonderful and complex old vampire and miss him from the vampire world. He even makes an appearance in one of my True Blood stories, and I was thrilled to find that I am in good company with a host of others who also miss Josef.

My story, Crimson and Blood, follows Josef as he falls in love with a half-vamp, half- human who has magic that will preserve the vampire world as he knows it.

Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content. You must be 18 or over to join the journey.

The beginning of the first chapter:

Josef meets beautiful/intelligent/mysterious mortal/vamp. A J/OC/M/B. COMPLETE
Moonlight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Chapters: 16 – Words: 51,545 – Reviews: 24 – Updated: 3-9-09 – Published: 5-16-08 – Complete

Work Text:

Title: Crimson and Blood
Category: TV Shows » Moonlight
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Published: 05-16-08, Updated: 03-09-09
Chapters: 16, Words: 51,545

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A/N: This is Version 2.0 on Crimson and Blood. I’ve changed, added, deleted, and left some original, leaving it almost a total rewrite. I think earlier readers will find it a whole different story, made much better by the rewrite and my own growth as a writer. I rewrote the story basically from scratch and anyone who read the original should definitely start at Chapter 1. This is the story of Josef and my OC. Josef may be OOC at times, but I went with what works with the story. I tried to stretch the sexual tension, demonstrate both main characters’ flaws and strengths, challenge the relationship, tighten my writing and add much more color and flair with description. Reviews and alerts will let me know how well I met my goals. WARNING: I take great liberties with the background of vampires, especially those in Moonlight, influenced by typical vampire lore, Charlene Harris’ Southern Vampire series and HBO’s’TruBlood’, Laurel Hamilton’s Anita Blake series or in long ago read fanfic. I love all those differing perspectives and some of those ideas may or may not come into play here. Please don’t flame if it isn’t entirely accurate to Moonlight. Now that it’s been off the air for a while, I have forgotten quite a bit of the cannon. After a while all vampire stories tend to blur, so thanks to anyone where I might have gotten a glimmer to add to the story. Where I actually remember an idea and where it came from, I give appropriate recognition. I felt that the romance needed more tension and less rush to ‘judgment’ so to speak. Several chapters are added to accomplish this. The story earns its M rating in later chapters, including a 5-way. And since I consider Sarah a worthless, whiny character not worthy of Josef, she is mentioned but gone and he is long over her (well, maybe some of that characterization comes from fanfic and not cannon. Oh well, my statement stands). And we of course don’t want to forget the standard disclaimers. Don’t own the Moonlight characters, but the OC and plot are mine. Jason Dohring can be delivered to my door any day. J/OC/M/B


Chapter 1

I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin’ with a dead man over my shoulder
Don’t run away it’s only me.
Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive
Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive

Oingo Boingo, Dead Man’s Party

Josef frowned at the blood red envelope on the entry room table. He knew what it was of course. The community had been buzzing about her return for weeks. The summons didn’t make it any less annoying. While Josef was generally considered the tribe elder and leader in the area given his 400 plus years, his power and charisma, and of course his wealth, there was another vampire in the same area that had passed the torch to him personally regardless of any older vampires that might be in the area. This summons came from that vampire, Valentin. Valentin was older, very powerful, and extremely respected among their kind. The invitation could not be refused by Josef, or any vampire invited. Valentin was planning this party to formally introduce his daughter to society, sort of a vampire debutante ball. She is reputed to be both beautiful and extremely intelligent and spent most of her life in Europe. Every vamp with any credentials, power and money will be there. Winning over the daughter could bring power, money, and prestige to the champion. Given Josef’s predilection for winning at all costs, it seemed some opposition research would be in order.

Josef pulled out his cell phone and hit speed dial 3. “Riley. I need you to find me every scrap of information, paper, pictures, everything on one Grace Valentin. She is about 25 and spent most of her life in Europe. Her father is Valentin. Yes, that Valentin, Riley. I want it by end of day tomorrow.” Josef clicked off. He opened the invitation, marked the date, and left a note to arrange to have his tailor come by the next evening. It was past time to hit the freezer. As he undressed he idly wondered just how beautiful she really was.

“Come in Riley,” Josef said as he heard the knock on his office door.

“Hey Boss. Got the 411 you were looking for. I’m sure there is more out there so I’ll keep looking,” Riley said as he was handing the fairly thick file to Josef. “Ms. Grace Valentin is a very popular person of interest.”

“Run it down for me.” Josef took a quick perusal of the folder, taking a special interest in the pictures. Her beauty was not overstated. If he had a heart that beat, it probably would have skipped a few looking at some of the photos.

“She is 25 years old in mortal years, born to a very old vampire and a mortal. We both know this has never been known to occur before. At around 6 years old she was sent to a Swiss boarding school, then finishing school, and currently has three PhDs in Economics, Finance, and Literature, as well as Master’s in Religion and Languages, all from Oxford. Interestingly, she has aged at the same rate as a mortal. However, rumor has it that once she loses her well-guarded virginity, she will complete her turn into vampire. Currently she drinks blood, prefers AB+, as well as eats and drinks normal human fare.”

“She is a virgin… a vamp/mortal VIRGIN? ” Josef’s brain started going into overdrive. A virgin- he wanted this woman. “Tell me more. She’s twenty-five and still a virgin? That just itself is a surprise, add the vamp/mortal combination and she must be quite the catch. ”

Riley continued, adding his opinion where he thought it might be appreciated. “She has been pursued across the European continent and Great Britain by many, and many have disappeared, even old vampires. No one knows what happened to them, and she has been accused of nothing. My sense reading between the lines is that she suffers fools poorly, and will not hesitate to act when necessary. Like her father, it appears she can be ruthless if need be. That alone would make me doubt her worldly innocence, even if I don’t doubt her virginity. Ms. Valentin’s sense of self preservation seems high. ”

“Thank you Riley. Good work. Is there anything else you think I should know as I read the file?” Josef was distracted by the photographs and the information he just got, sending his mind reeling.

“She seems unimpressed by wealth and has in the past been impossible to seduce, by both mortals and vamps. Now, just a guess, she’ll be looking for someone with whom there is a strong mutual physical attraction, sexually experienced, brilliant, powerful, and can offer her the protection she will need. Because she appears to be a one-of-a-kind, the rumormongers have attached all kinds of special powers to her and guessed at what will occur once she loses her virginity. Because of those rumors, she requires special protection and is almost always surrounded by a discrete but dedicated team of bodyguards. And did you note how her degrees mesh really well with your holdings? She could be a valuable asset in more than one way. Oh, one last thing. The last page has the invite list. You can check out the competition.”

“Thank you, Riley. This is your highest priority until I tell you otherwise. I want every piece of data you can find.” Josef was already reading the file as Riley turned to leave.

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