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Soul Meets Soul on Lovers’ Lips

The Leverage team is enlisted by a magical woman to rescue some teenagers caught in the web of a sex cult.

Warning: While there is little explicit sex, this story does contain strong adult content and should only be viewed by adults over the age of 18.

The beginning of the first chapter:

Title: Soul Meets Soul on Lover’s Lips
Category: TV Shows » Leverage
Author: CavalierQueen
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Published: 01-14-09, Updated: 01-14-09
Chapters: 6, Words: 9,537

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A/N: Short but graphic sexual situations mentioned in this chapter. The story as a whole deserves a ‘T’ rating, so I have flagged where there might be short but significant sexual situations. These are brief and usually only 2-3 sentences total. Disclaimers: Whatever you recognize is TNT’s, but what you don’t, including characters and story belong to me. This disclaimer holds true for the entire story. Reviews feed the muse and she is seriously starving at this point. Please hit that little button at the bottom and leave a review, please!

Cracking the Tower of Sin

Chapter 1

The woman sat quietly in the almost darkness of the empty Leverage Headquarters. She spun the trinket like a top on the table, enjoying the absolute silence and the sparkling lights scattering around the walls. She knew the Leverage team would be back soon, tired, frustrated, and possibly angry at their lack of success for the evening. She never would have inserted herself into their theft, but she was desperate for their help. She could not do this on her own and she had nowhere else to turn. That was how they packaged their services, subtly but there was still marketing at work. She had spent the last month learning about each individual on the team, and running background on their jobs. When she had learned about their saving an entire orphanage in Belgrade, she knew this was the team for her. It was possible her project was too dangerous, too horrifying for them to help, and if that was the case, she would find someone else, or do it herself. She could do it herself, but she might have to sacrifice more than she was willing.

She heard the key enter the door handle, followed by a subdued group of people entering their office. She heard a couple head to the kitchen for beers and drinks, others wandered into the conference room where when they turned on the lights, they were greeted by the woman who had been waiting for them for an hour. She did not move from where she sat other than to raise her eyes to meet the part of the team that entered the conference room. She heard the woman who must have been Parker gasp as she saw the trinket sitting on the table in front of her. Sophie was quick to call out for Nate and Eliot, who came with their drinks quickly. The five member Leverage team, still dressed in their gowns and tuxedos, stood staring at the clearly unwelcome interloper.

The woman spoke first, “Hi.” She stood slowly watching Eliot in particular, knowing he was the most dangerous person in the room, except perhaps herself. “My name is Beauty Veritas.” She put her hand out to Nathan Ford, introducing herself, and then going around the group calling them all by their name.

“Beauty Veritas. Great name but what parent would have done that their child? Why don’t we all sit?”

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