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Life is So Much More Interesting In My Head

life_interstingI haven’t put a word to page in a while. But I have words in my head all the time. I have plots and characters and conversations with those characters every day. I wander around like a fool with a silly smile on my face or a grimace or actually with my lips moving as my characters talk to each other working things out.

This NY Times Opinionator blog,  The Art of Being Still by Silas House,  is an excellent comment on just this style of writing. And when Silas House says he was once embarrassed to say that he didn’t write every day, afraid he might be caught out as some sort of fraud, well… I have to say, he just made my day.

Your Thoughts?



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4 thoughts on “Life is So Much More Interesting In My Head

  1. Reblogged this on Mad World Blog and commented:
    This guy makes a good point I think.

  2. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of that fantastic Silas House column! You’re right about it being an excellent discussion of this type of writing; he makes some really great points about discovering something in our surroundings every day and thinking like a writer.

  3. Ill be first to admit that certain days i cant even write a simple 3 or so paragraph blog. But during that time I dont simply turn my brain off, I try to come up with, “what next”. Sometimes you have to sit back and take everything in.

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