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Welcome New Subscribers!

I welcome the new subscribers from to my blog. I’ll be keeping this updated with story updates as well as posts on various topics of interests…writing, politics, the world, things that are going on in my head at the time.

Ray Bradbury died today and he said some profound things about writing. He spent three days a week in a library reading. In 10 years, he had read all the books. That was how he fed his creative genius. He also said “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

The reality of children, PTA, lost hours on Facebook, twitter, email, television, constant anxiety over the state of the world leaves me depleted without the creativity to feed the muse. Other than quality time spent with my family, my soul is not fed, my life is not bettered, I have not served myself or others for good. I certainly have not set a positive example for my children 


 In the refocusing on writing as a business, on the ‘getting drunk of writing,’ on the joy of writing, I must retrain myself to focus on what I love doing, and minimize or stop doing those things that don’t feed my soul, that ‘destroy me.’ Only in that way, in exercising a self-discipline that for me will be significant, will I be able to be successful at writing.


A picture of me and my tattoos. They represent my growth and rebirth



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6 thoughts on “Welcome New Subscribers!

  1. In theory it’s wonderful. All the best in practicing.

  2. In theory it is good. Good luck in practicing.

  3. Love your Tattoos 🙂 and i cant wait to read more of your fantastic writing 🙂 i’m hoping season 5 of TB gives us more that season 4 😀

    • I whole-hardheartedly agree about season 5. The previews look good so far, but S4 previews sucked me in as well, and it was abysmal. Beyond abysmal if there is such a place. “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” We shall see once again. But alas, I hear the black tank makes it reappearance and with it perhaps my TB muse will wake from her coma. All may not be lost! 🙂

  4. Fabulous post, Renee. You remind us all that we need to prioritise what we value in life. I know you’ll succeed, and I am sure you are a wonderful model for your children to be able to have the strength to accomplish so much. Life is a constant struggle, and you show us as well as your children that you need to keep going and create a positive environment. Keep it up, Hon!

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