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Why I set up this site

By ImperfectFleur


In the microcosm of my world, I was happily writing my fan fiction and posting it to Until I was notified by an interested reader that a sort of witch hunt had begun by a small group of readers to find everyone that was publishing work they felt unworthy of the site or that broke the rules of the site. I admit, I am one of the ones who has broken the rules…many times. Most of my work would be considered MA/NC-17 which the ToSG clearly states is not allowed. It is interesting to note that about 90% of everything labelled ‘M’ rated on is of the MA/NC-17 nature, regardless of the rules.   

However, when work started being deleted, accounts removed, and other crimes against the community because of a small group of people, I decided to begin the relocation of my work. Understand that there are over 3,000,000 written works listed on Some are very very good. And others are terrible. Regardless, this small group, which calls themselves the Literary Union, created something called a ‘bot’ which automatically scans through all the material on the site and marks it specifically to notify the admins. The Literary Union particularly targets stories that have poor spelling and grammar, as well as those, like mine, that are adult oriented.   

You can learn more about this debate at My comments and posts are listed under the pseudonym of phoenix. Usually I use my pseudonym of cavalierqueen, but I didn’t want to bring undo attention to my works. Yes, I am a coward that way.   

I have already migrated all of my stories to a website that is friendlier to fan fiction writers who write more adult content. All of my stories can be accessed at
Soon, I will have all of my stories listed here. I am just a few short of having it complete. After that, all updates will be new chapters, new stories, and blog posts. You can set up an RSS feed (at the top right of the major pages), or sign up for email updates on the left side bar.
And since I went to the trouble to create this site, even if very few people actually read it, I figured I would use it to show off some of the creativity of others I enjoy, as well as blogging about misc. things I find interesting. Of course, I always figured most personal blogs were spouting opinions etc. that others weren’t interested in. And yet, here I go creating one.



I hope that you will join me here.  

Thank you so much,
Cavalier Queen

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